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Have you ever milked a cow?

Asked by wilma (16394points) April 2nd, 2010

Have you milked a cow by hand, without a milking machine? What about a goat? or any other lactating mammal? (Not including a woman, that is another discussion)
What was it like? Did you taste the milk?

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I didn’t actually milk the cow, but have drunk fresh whole milk at my friend’s farm!

It was simply yummy.

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Yep. It was surprisingly difficult to get the cow to stand still the whole time, but the fresh milk was quite good.

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I milked a cow in Australia of all places.

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Dated, never milked.

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I had a friend whose family had a farm and when I would spend the night, I had to help with all the chores and everything, but they used machines. So I haven’t milked by hand, no. But I have had fresh-from-the-cow milk. It’s delicious but kills my poor tummy.

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I was born on a farm..
Asking if I have milked a cow is like asking if people breathe.

It’s not easy. They don’t stand still, even if you have them in tie-downs and if the cow is in a bad mood, there’s a 99% chance she is going to try and kick your face off. And that hurts.
It makes your hands tired, your toes can get stepped on and they whip you in the face with their tail. They kick over anything that is around them and ours have a tendency to knock off the milk machines. And they poop in the middle of milking.
As for taste… I guess I don’t know anything else. That’s all we really drink is fresh milk, so I’m used to it. It just tastes like milk to me.

Maybe we just have bitchy cows..

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I don’t trust an animal that has a square arse,so no. I have udderly no interest in ever doing so either.

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Maybe we just have bitchy cows…

No, they’re all like that. People who like cows baffle me.

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Goat. It tasted fine.

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Sure enough! When I was 16 I worked on a dairy farm. We used machines but they wouldn’t always milk the cows out and there were some cows that the machines just wouldn’t work well on so we had to finish the job by hand. I never tasted it because I don’t like milk but from the people I know who have, they say it’s great straight from the cooling tank.

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@ChazMaz .. now thats not nice. lol

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Omg! YES! I used to live in the village with my grandmother and grandfather since I was in 2. grade. I have milked cows many times, into a bucket, or just straight into my mouth:) the fresh milk is really good!!!

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Years ago. My Aunt used to have 60 Jersey cows and I adored them. I was only very young at the time (3 or 4 years old) but I think that’s where my appreciation of animals came from. @Randy I agree with the people you know, it is great straight from the cooling tank.

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Nope. City kid here…


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Have milked cows and goats. Can’t get the hamster to hold still . . .

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Forgot to mention that I have also slaughtered hogs, but no one ever seems to ask about that . . .

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I have milked dairy goats and had the milk, cheese and soap.

Had neighbors that had a herd of goats for years so was pretty familiar with goat milking and their products.

It was fun…goats are real characters!

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I worked on a dairy farm for three years. I’ve milked many, many cows but never by hand.

I guess the answer would be no then wouldn’t it?

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No, but I’d love to try it!

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Never milked a cow, but I have milked a goat!

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I’ve never milked a cow, but for about the last 2½ years we’ve been getting 6 gallons of milk (for $12 – total!) a week from a local farm. Not pasteurized or anything. I absolutely abhor store-bought milk now. Yech.

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@ChocolateReigns and@MacBean Yeah wow, milk right out of the chiller is the best. My brother in law has a dairy. Lunch or dinner always means a trip to the barn to get fresh milk. Sweet , thick and beyond yummy.
Plus it’s kinda fun to pull them things (teats) it’s an art form for sure…

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<————- Went to the farm at age 8. Ate some apples. Swung on a barn swing. Hay ride! Rode a horse (Western saddle). Touched an udder with a fingertip. Shuddered, ran away screaming.

Yes, I am the urban spacegirl.

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@aprilsimnel Western saddle, ftw.

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Yes, I’ve milked a cow by hand (one real, one fake). The real one was on a farm where a relative worked. As a kid I would hang out with him. They used milking machines, but they allowed me to milk a cow just to see what it was like. Afterwards I tasted the milk. Unpasteurized warm milk does not taste anything like the milk found in grocery stores. It’s not something I would ever want to try again.

Oh, and the fake cow was at a family-friendly amusement park. Nothing came out of the udder, though.

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no i havent and i really dont want to id be afraid the cow would poop on me or something.

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Yes I have. but I hate milk.

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No, I grew up in a big city. I often visit a girl who has a farm, but we don’t milk any cows. Hired hands do all such work for this wealthy lady.

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Whoa, this was when I hated milk!

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