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Where can I find peer-reviewed articles on the corporate social responsibility of gene therapy companies?

Asked by DryaUnda (176points) March 8th, 2008

Yes, this is help with school work, but I’m not asking you to do my work for me, just to give me directions.

My assignment is to write an 8–10 page paper focusing on the social responsibility (or lack thereof) of a specific company, citing at least two peer-reviewed articles about either the company or it’s main industry. I’d like to write about a company developing gene therapy, but don’t know where to start looking for those peer-reviewed articles. For that matter, how would I even know one when I see it?

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The best peer-reviewed articles are not going to be found freely online. If you are in college you might do well to check to see if your school subscribes to services like JSTOR or Lexis-Nexis. They will have searchable databases of many academic journals.

EDIT: Your public library may also have access to some large academic databases as well. Typically the kind of stuff you would otherwise have to pay for.

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What’s in the way of you asking your teacher how to find peer-reviewed articles or how to determine reliably if an article really is? (Especially since corporations hire scientists to validate and promote their products, and even found puppet companies to appear to be independent yet supporting their work and products.) Sounds like a great question to ask in front of the entire class, so everyone gets that crucial lesson at once.

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