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What kind of couch is this?

Asked by Breefield (2728points) April 2nd, 2010

Like so.
I know you think it’s missing the bottom cushion, but ignore that :p
I can’t have this one because it’s owned by the building I work at. But I’d like to know what to be searching Craigslist for.

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Chesterfield sofa. Leather with buttons at the tucks. Two of them, in brown, appeared regularly upstairs in the drawing room in Upstairs, Downstairs.

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Definitely a Chesterfield.

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More specifically, where can I get one used? I can’t seem to find any online…and the one from that picture is owned by the building. Should I go thrift store hunting?

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They are usually scarce but I would try Craig’s List.

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You’re probably a lot more likely to be able to find a knock-off used, I would try just looking for leather, and looking at the photos. You might be more likely to find one at a consignment shop.

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They are pretty pricey, but I found an inflatable one on Amazon just now for $169!


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Here’s one for sale at a reasonable price (for a leather Chesterfield). You can pick it up in Duluth, MI.

Many others listed on craigslist. Where do you live?

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Too bad. The sofa in Duluth has to go by April 8th. That means there’s some wiggle room in the price.

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