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Does your cellphone pop popcorn?

Asked by babaji (1440points) April 2nd, 2010

Just heard of a few friends who did an experiment. They all took their cell phones and put them in a circle, and then put some popcorn kernels in the middle of the cell phones. they dialed one of the cell phones and a few of the popcorn kernels popped into popcorn.
(am trying to find out what type of cell phones were used and which one was dialed)
Now i know we have all been told that all of this is safe, but
do you just naturally believe all of the info that’s fed to us?

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We tried this at work and it didn’t work. I call a hoax.

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Popping popcorn requires heat. Cellphones just create a fraction of the necessary temperature.
Does not work. Will never work.

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And here I thought this was gonna be about a new app.

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No, but it does cause serious radio interference in the car when it begins to ring.

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I was hoping it was a new app too!

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Sigh. Snopes, folks.

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My cellphone calls people.

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Hoax. Have your friends repeat the experiment with you watching this time. It’s BS.
One group actually did with a microwave under the table.

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I dont believe it unless a series of cell phones can generate temperatures in excess of 350 degrees F.

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My cellphone doesn’t like popcorn – it prefers beef jerky when it wants to snack. (I’ll have to try placing it next to a cow.)

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@Jeff and David

Actually there are several iPhone Apps for that :)

One is free. The others are .99

there’s The Popcorn Game, Popcorn Maker, and iPopCorn to name just a few.

There are others listed as well. I’ve used the one which is the Match Three Game and the free version of another which provides lovely sound effects as well.

Have Fun !

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No. But I hear you can fry bacon with an AK47 and a couple of hundred rounds of ammo.

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@Lightlyseared But I hear you can fry bacon with an AK47

Make sure that it is an original Russian Kalashnikov – the Chinese version would wear out before clocking up 200 rounds.

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If you want to pop corn with a Chinese weapon, use an SKS45…

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@DarkScribe thanks for the tip. Good to know if I want a second round of bacon sandwiches.

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