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For those who've seen the new Clash of the Titans, what'd you think of it?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) April 2nd, 2010

Give me your review of the film. Good, bad, just alright?

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Just saw it today. It’s got a couple of cliches here and it differs significantly, though. I’d say it’s a little below average.

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I thought the owl showing up was a giggle.

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I haven’t been granted the opportunity to watch it yet but to quote my friend who was excited about watching it and did so yesterday,
“What did they do to Clash of the Titans? It had all the potential to be good, if not better than the original but someone decided, “You know what was wrong with the last film, the character development and that God awful coherent storyline””

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It was okay. But if you like the original, be prepared for there to be some changes with the new one.

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