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how are people dealing with the blizzard in the northeast?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) March 8th, 2008

hell has frozen over

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As always, w. grim resignation. My sump pump in basement, where I have the computer, keeps turning on and scaring me. But it keeps the water out. My little creek, which normally can be crossed in a single leap, looks like the mighty Mississippi now. And I hear tree limbs cracking. 57 miles of dirt roads (including my .3’mile driveway)in my township and most of them are on their way to the Hudson River.

Wind is whistling and howling and old-field white pines are swaying like saplings. It is extremely tiresome; and I am always prepared for a power outage.

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My cat went out side and sunk. She came back in (she’s black and fluffy)and was a white cat.

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in montreal, the metro’s working, but taxi services refuse to even pick up the phone. i had to walk to the metro and the snow went up to above my bellybutton. im wondering how my dog will go to the bathroom. but more importantly, will we ever be able to find her afterwards. (shes a white bichon frissee). apparently, its gonna be clear tommorrow morning, so i gotta take out my sunglasses, because of the reflections on the snow. also, trees have been reported to have fallen.

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it sucks what can we do besides shovel our way out? Hopefully its over

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