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What are your views on a preacher who compared people who criticized the Vatican over covering up rape with anti-Semitism?

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The preacher is obviously on the Vatican payroll…

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That is how religion operates. When being criticised, draw the persecution card.

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My opinion:

It’s never been proven that the Jews killed the Christian’s savior.

It has been proven that Catholic Priests have raped children and that the church has protected them from prosecution.

Seems a bit like calling someone anti-German if they profess hatred towards Hitler.

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The Jews killed their own savior. Jesus was Jewish, and he came to save the Jews. There were no Christians per se until after he was killed…by the Romans, at the behest of the Sanhedrin.

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Criticising the Vatican for condoning child rape and persecuting Jews for being Jews… If there’s a connection, it eludes me.

Judging from the sort of nonsense they’re willing to resort to, the Vatican must be in a serious pickle. I wonder where else this issue will go.

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Not just a preacher, but the Pope’s personal preacher, with the Pope in attendance.

I think in the Vatican they have isolated themselves from reality and are depending on each other for reassurance that they are right and the world is wrong

So wrong 1940s analogy. The more accurate one would be “bunker mentality”.

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This preacher is a lunatic. The Vatican’s behavior is a disgrace. It has implemented a system undermining jurisdictions of our secular states. If crimes were committed for example by priests like having sex with children the responsible bishop was instructed to keep all reports inside the Catholic hierarchy. The Vatican actually thinks it’s above the law. The criminal “investigation” usually led to the transfer of such priests and public authorities never learned of this. In fact, very often those priests could find new innocent children to satisfy their sexual needs. The Pope is part of this ludicrous system and blaming his underlings only is hypocrisy.

A Catholic bishop in Germany blamed the sexual revolution of the late 60ies for the abuse. This caused a public outrage recently.

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He said, “The use of stereotypes and the passing from personal responsibility and guilt to a collective guilt remind me of the more shameful aspects of anti-Semitism.”

I think his point is that he feels it’s wrong to call all Catholic priests “child abusers” because of the actions of a bunch of rotten ones, in a class-action sort of way. It’s hyperbole, but if he toned it down a notch, I would agree somewhat. It’s wrong to think all Catholics are child-screwing coverups, just like it’s wrong to think that all black people are criminals simply because there are a disproportionate number of them in prison, or to feel like all straight white males are rapists because some of them rape.

Where I have the problem is this: The church scandal here has given us a reason to think some priests are bad, and the fact that some priests are bad gives us a reason to question, but maybe not condemn, the church as a whole. In other words, criticism of priests is fact-based. However, I can’t think of anything that Jewish people did to earn anti-Semitic views except be a minority group in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s not fact-based. This is where the preacher screws up, and deserves any tongue-lashing he gets.

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To put the church in the role of the persecuted shows the same exquisite lack of understanding of this problem and blindness toward the suffering of the victims of these predator priests that the church has been exhibiting up until now.

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The thing is those people don’t feel this “The use of stereotypes and the passing from personal responsibility and guilt to a collective guilt remind me of the more shameful aspects of anti-Semitism.” He created a straw man argument out of our feelings.

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Backlash…. I hope there were be tonnes of it…. on a ‘biblical scale’. They are sitting in their Vatican sofa seats, comparing their discomfort to Jews being dragged off to the gas chambers in WW2. It shows just how out of touch with reality these people really are.

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@laureth – Yes, of course it’s only some priests (a small minority). But it’s a whole institutionalized system of covering up crimes. Even risking further crimes.

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I’d like to kick his ass! They were children!!!! What kind of sick fuck does that to a child! And then to say ignorant shit like that. What is wrong with people in this world!?

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