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If women get Menopause what do men get?

Asked by Just_Justine (6486points) April 3rd, 2010

This is two questions in one, as I have run out of questions today!

Men seem to find menopausal women a handful; well that is what I am led to believe. If women become menopausal and very much a “problem” to men, what do men get?

Also for women who are going through or have gone through menopause what helped? I need lots of tips for when it happens. Was it as bad as people make out? Worse? Or not so bad at all and what helped?

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Golf? :)

There are some doctors who believe there is male menopause due to lower testosterone. Symptoms: weakness, depression, sexual dysfunction.

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Cranky bitches.

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@netgrrl oh of course silly me, the increased sale of viagra ;)

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stubborn and grumpy?

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Around the same time women go through menopause, the hair on a man’s head disappears and grows in abundance everywhere else on his body. And men are crazy before women, which is why they almost always have a mid-life crisis. :P

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@Just_Justine Just what we need more of: weak, depressed men with erections.

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@DrasticDreamer…And of all the nutty places for hair to begin to grow like crazy is in our dang ours and out of our durn noses….
The women drive us to our early craziness, however…
@netgrrl Giving old guys drugs to enable erections is really stupid. When I cease to have mine, I plan on enjoying life without… what was I saying? I seem to forget things lately and am unable to concentrate…

Darn ear hair

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A Harley Davidson.

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@davidbetterman I was in a very good relationship with an older man for 3 years – who was incapable of a usable erection. (Capable of orgasm, but couldn’t maintain an erection an length of time.) Were he still alive, I think we’d have still been together.

His decision to not use Viagra or other drugs was his to make, but honestly, the sex was great. There are, after all, many other activities. ;)

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@netgrrl Thank heavens for oral!

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As @DrasticDreamer mentioned, mid-life crisis. I have experienced the quarter-life crisis, the mid-life one must really be horrendous ;)

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@davidbetterman imagination and a great pair of hands don’t hurt either!

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@netgrrl you got me on another train of thought with your answer. I am late forties and so are a couple of my friends, we are all independent and have careers. Not sure about over where you are, but here, women are expected to be independent totally. It is rare to find a stay at home mom, or a woman who is married and does not work. So now, if I met a guy and he couldn’t get it up, I would wonder what was his purpose in my life. Not that he is paying any bills, or adding to my life, you’d think he would take a little viagra and at least put a sausage on the table. no offence

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What do men get?

A Corvette and a 23-year-old second wife…

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@tennismom best he start saving early then :P

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An ornery wife.

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@TheOnlyException LOL I wish I could give you 20 GA’s

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three years of grief and, if they’re lucky, Viagra and a little red sports car.

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I spoke to my neighbour about this (as he & his wife are in their seventies) several months ago over the back fence one afternoon when we both found ourselves pulling on the same stubborn root system of a peony rose that bordered it….. Funny how conversation start!!

The outcome of it was he said when his wife was going through the “CHANGE” was when he started growing vegetables & bought himself a bigger shed for the bottom of the garden!! :-/
He had his name down for an allotment too but he said things calmed down before one became available, Lol… now I know why older gents have big gardens or allotments ;-)
I guess all that fresh VEG must have helped Lol….. :-)

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Aside from all the jokes, there is actually something that males go thorugh that is similar although not as dramatic as menopause. It’s called the male climacteric.

To answer the second part of your question; I did not find menopause traumatic at all. Some hot flashes, some moodiness (barely distinguishable from the usual moodiness), some absent-mindedness. It was a great relief to go through it since I had been having “women troubles” for a few years leading up to it which it ended.

Now, on the other side, I am roaring fit and feisty and foxy as ever!

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More time to myself.

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@XOIIO aha why thank you :)

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@janbb good to hear :)

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Nose and ear hair.

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Men go through manopause!

On a side note, have you ever noticed that all our problems start with “men”? Menstruation, menopause, and mental instability…I think I am onto something here (just kidding, guys).

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Men get (as you stated in your Q) menopausal women.

It’s a bitch. Or several.

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Hey – @CyanoticWasp – there’s plenty of shit we have to cope with from aging men!

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@janbb forget about ‘aging’ men. Y’all have to deal with plenty of shit from men, period. (And vice versa—and I wouldn’t want it any other way.)

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o.k. – you’ve redeemed yourself.

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It’s called ‘Irritable male syndrome’ or IMS! lol

Seriously…lots of middle aged men become moody, depressed, grouchy as their testosterone levels drop.

Thats why I have stopped dating! hahaha

Between moody and cynical, workaholic, and all the 40 to 50 something men with little kids, the byproducts of failed second relationships with younger women…and, the overall levels of unhealthy emotional problems…man, the pool has shrunken to a puddle small enough to drown an ant! lololol

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@Coloma ah! indeed. Those real life dolls make more sense now :P

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Men get to deal with menopausal women.
If you’ve ever had encounters with a bi-polar menopausal person, that’s a real treat.~

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How about repetitive men? :-)

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—@janbb hahahahahah—-

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@Captain_Fantasy well I have lot’s to look forward to it seems as I am BP :-(

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I’m prone to a bit of the seasonal stuff…too many gloomy days zaps my energy, but all in all I am a very emotionally consistant type, my ‘men’ o-pause has been pretty easy! lol

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Men get SRH – Sperm Retention Headaches

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damn.. fluther removed my witty answer ;)

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@TheOnlyException Damn, I missed your awesome comment.

We men get a new truck, a new John Deere mower, a few radio controlled toys, a new grill (cooking grill not the creepy diamonds in the mouth grill), a new celebrity crush, new high-tech fishing equipment, then we forget where we put it all because we’ve got CRS (can’t remember shit) disease.

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@ThrallKiller Naw it was simple. Two word answer.

“Bitched at.”

quick before Fluther sees!

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They get to marry the menopausal-prone species.

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@TheOnlyException you have to time those quips. In The Guidelines (the fucking guidelines) you’re not allowed to have a funny answer (even if it is relevant and responsive) ‘too soon’ in the thread.

Recall my “They get paid royally” quip? You liked it, and even expected it, right? And it was even somewhat responsive, wasn’t it? Can you find it again?

Thank the mods. (This response will probably be history ere long, too… ‘non-responsive’ ... not to mention that it denigrates not only The Guidelines, but also the mods.)

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Amnesia, beer bellies, lots of chains, a really expensive sports car, and loss of dignity chasing younger women.

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@CyanoticWasp I think you’ve got PMS lately. Just sayin’

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@janbb I prefer to think that I have issues…

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Midlife crises

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@Just_Justine LOL Well, there is that. Certainly I’d rather be single than in a less-than relationship. Not picky, really, just not interested. But I’ve certainly learned than an erection isn’t really vital to a fairly active sex life. :)

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lactis erectis

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No more PMS woes!

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uhhh… bitched at for being there, going to work every day, and giving their paycheck to the one doing the bitching.

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@slick44 = a sports car or a mortercycle

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I suppose it can kind of be likened to a midlife crisis for men, although it’s not nearly the same. Men do, however, experience a dramatic drop in testosterone in old age. This causes reduced fertility, and some of the sexual difficulties men have when they’re older (although men are still capable of reproducing; there are records of men fathering children in their 80s). But no mood related symptoms or hot flashes occur for men.

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@Hexr thank you, great answer and also educates me as I’ve no idea what they go through.

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@oreo45…exactly, how fair is that.

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@ThrallKiller a new grill (cooking grill not the creepy diamonds in the mouth grill).

That was funny :)

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@FutureMemory Well thank you kindly!

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And @easeout

actually ANSWERS the original question! lololol

I always get off track, blame it on my non-linear mind!

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@coloma thank you for that vote of confidence love the duck outfit

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I’m not there yet, but I suspect a hankerin’ for women who have not gone through menopause.

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@josie It’s called “IMS” irritable male syndrome, when your testosterone levels drop you guys get grumpier and needier. lol

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