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What is OCD?

Asked by Sisa (171points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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why dont you google it???

its obsessive compulsive disorder

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Yes, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Now you should google that for more specific info.

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Hm ok. Did u think everyone have one?

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everyone has what?

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no not necessarily… a disorder means that it has become a real problem for that person…

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I don’t think everyone has one…but then again, only a mental health professional could really judge that. I joke that I am mildly OCD about things because I am anal sometimes, but I don’t have a disorder. I saw a show on MTV (True Life or something like that) and it filmed people with REAL OCD issues like about leaving the house, nervous ticks, germaphobes, packrats, etc. It’s a very serious mental problem & requires a ton of therapy.

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I think I have OCD but not severely. I have this thing that every little thing has to be perfect. All my clothes are like color cordinated. Eveything has to go in order in my house, whether it be by size or color. Its crazy but sometimes I try to control it. I also repeat things in my head a lot.

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Its only considered a disorder if it interferes with your life.

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It is documented, psychologically, that everyone has some form obsessive compulsive development, most are so faint that no would be able to diagnose your particular case, although it is interesting to know that we can train our minds to develop “OCD” towards an object or ritual, deliberately!

In short… living with it is a bitch.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The key word here is compulsive, you can have an obsession for making sure powerpoints are switched off when not being used, but you only have OCD when having to turn off the powerpoints stops you from normal day to day tasks.

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OCD was made popular by the Monk television show, and Jack Nicholson’s (can’t remember name of movie).

OCD is not about being a neat freak. It is a disorder, like those above me described, that seriously inhibits life functions. Saying you are mildly OCD…is…well, fallacious.

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As good as it gets

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also stands for Over the Counter Drug

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OCD is when the number of a flutherite’s responses is precisely the same as his or her Perfecto-fish Awards. There is no better single confirmation of this diagnosis.

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