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Have you started your spring cleaning yet?

Asked by partyparty (9134points) April 3rd, 2010

I am about to start my spring cleaning. That is the easy bit. I clean the house from top to bottom, but there are things I simply can’t throw away.
These are things I inherited that I will never use, gifts from special people that I don’t really like, but can’t bring myself to throw these things away.
Do you hoard things? Is it because they hold special memories?
Are you able to have a realistic spring clean?
Do you always spring clean, or are you happy with clutter?

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50% done, still need to give the bathroom a good scrubbing, and a couple other things. I’ll crank the music up, and finish the rest today.

I throw away everything that I don’t use, so I don’t have any clutter to get rid of.

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It isn’t spring here… We are enjoying autumn.

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Oh yes, I have.

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@DarkScribe OK so DID you spring clean when it was spring in Australia, or do you do autumn cleaning where you are? LOL
@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Don’t you hold on to memories you hold dear? What is your secret of throwing things out? I would love to know.

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No. Starting this weekend.

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I have no problem throwing out “gifts from special people that I don’t really like.” :-)

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@partyparty OK so DID you spring clean when it was spring in Australia,

No, we tend to clean when necessary – no calendar involved. I have been doing a major “de-clutter” dumping things that we own but which haven’t been used for years. It is quite amazing how much you can collect over a decade or two.

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@DarkScribe Yes how very true that is. How do we manage to collect so much ‘rubbish’? We must have liked the items when we purchased them originally!!

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@partyparty How do we manage to collect so much ‘rubbish’?

Having five daughters who move out and leave a lot “stuff” behind that they might need someday is one cause.

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Spring what?

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I am in-joying that rare moment of convergence, everything indoors and outdoors is in good order, well…the geese did break into the garage yesterday and nap and poo on the rug by my washer & dryer. Minor moment! lol

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Yep. I got rid of a huge pile of garbage just yesterday! Everything else is just icing on the cake.

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@DarkScribe the temp over here(co) is now 29* Im begeinning to forget what fowers look like sigh.

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I did my spring cleaning 3 mo ago. Im just waiting for the weather to get nice so I can tackle the yard.

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I haven’t even started my 2005 cleaning yet.

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@partyparty Memories? You mean like pictures and stuff? Of course I hold on to those. Other stuff (birthday cards, etc.) goes right to the trash. I keep the memories in my head, but don’t need a bunch of junk.

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It is Autumn here so I am having an Autumn clean if that counts!! I love throwing things away. Probably too much, sometimes I regret it. My home had become cluttered and dull of late due to illness. It’s a great feeling getting rid of things. There are a few things I still hang onto and I really need to deal with at some point.

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Yep I did attempt too. This story is so true but I borrowed a hoover because mine smells of burning…think it’s going to blow at any minute. Anyway I borrowed a Dyson hoover…the worlds best vacuum so I’m told!

I emptied the bagless hoover before I began and was all excited because how fascintaing is it seeing all that manky stuff being sucked out of your carpets! There I was merrily hoovering away and the blasted hoover just cut out! I tried the switch and unplugged and replugged it several times…to no avail.

I had broke the borrowed hoover…and a flipping Dyson one at that…and it wasn’t mine…dum dum dum lol.

Anyway that was my cue to stop spring cleaning…so I did!

And guess what I plugged the hoover back in hours later and it worked! I took it as a message that it just wasn’t my time to spring clean…I’m sure I will know when the moment comes lol :)

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@definitive and? did it suck up everything???? I am in suspense loll.

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Lol no I’m tooo frightened to continue…the thought of breaking this borrowed Dyson again gives me the eeby jeebys lol :)

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@definitive get a shop vac, they’re indestructable

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@oreo45 and @definitive I never really thought vacuums differed so much?

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It makes it easier in our area, because our waste management company (trash collector) has a household trash pick up three times a year and we are inspired to get rid of as much junk as possible.

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@cazzie Get on with it LOLL!!
@Coloma You sound so very organised. Geese… are they your pets?
@oreo45 Yes I need to sort my garden out yet, doing a bit of tidying up each day (weather permitting of course)
@CyanoticWasp Love your answer, don’t you think you should make a start on it ha ha!
@Just_Justine How very organised of you. Wish I could throw more things away.
@definitive Love your answer, thanks
@YARNLADY What a great idea, thanks

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Well…I have bursts of organization.

I also have a gardener…sooo, can’t take all the credit. haha

Yes, I have a pair of white chinese geese, characters they are.
They have mastered the skill of stair climbing and have decided that my garage is the ultimate hangout, why sleep in a barn when there is carpet to nap on? lol

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@Coloma They sound like great fun… are they friendly? I was once chased by a goose, so I give them a wide space whenever I see one LOL

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They are very friendly, but have moments of needing to assert their dominance with strangers. When you get them as goslings they imprint on you and you become mother or father goose.

They are a lot of fun to have around and look pretty wandering around the yard.

Like anything, given time and attention they really blossom in all their goosie quirkiness. My gander knows about 20 words, such as ‘wait, stay, up, down, in, out….an educated goose is he! lol

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@Coloma Wow I am very impressed!

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@partyparty yeah me too! I was shocked to be honest

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Lol….I am still surprised myself at times, I’d never of thought that geese would end up being my all time favorite pets of a lifetime! They are really smart and amusing creatures. :-)

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