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Would you ever let a friend tattoo you?

Asked by Randy (11214points) April 3rd, 2010

I have a friend who is an amateur tattoo artist. He’s taking classes to get an art degree of some kind at a credited university and he’s also apprenticing at a local tattoo shop.

Since the beginning of his journey to become an artist, I’ve told him that he can tattoo me at some point down the road. I’m VERY picky about who puts ink on me. So far, all my work has been done by one artist and that’s because she does GREAT work. I’m going to let my friend do a leg piece on me but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about it. I’ve seen some of his stuff and he does a good job but he’s not “my” artist.

Would you be willing to let a friend tattoo you in this position? Would you be nervous about it? What about if you take away the pursuit of an art degree and the apprenticeship?

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If friends work was good enough , he uses sterile equipment then i see no reason why not .

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Don’t do it if you don’t trust him to do an excellent job 100%

If he gets offended, it doesn’t matter, it’s your skin.

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Phuck no. I have a friend who wants to tattoo me badly. I was honest and told her I would prefer someone with a little more experience. Even when she offered to do it for free I said no. That ink is permanent. I’m willing to dish out some cash for a very experienced artist so my piece comes out the way I want it.

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Fuck to the no! My friends can’t draw for shit.

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@opalea That made me laugh,right on the money but still funny.

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I wouldn’t even let a professional tattoo me, thanks very much!

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@ucme Glad to amuse you.

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I guess it depends on the level of expertise, but none of my friends can draw, so…..... No. But the guy who does my tattoos was a begginer when I met him.

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I’d only let one of my friends tattoo me, and under very strict parameters. I’d let him do the tattoo once he got his degree. Then he could give you a tattoo that says ” insert name here’s first tattoo ”

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Hell no. Only two people in the world can ink me.

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Unless s/he’s a pro whose work I’m familiar with and like? No.

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I have two tattoos that were done by friends. The tattoos are small, and were done to symbolize a friendship. A few mistakes were made, but I don’t mind. The memory of sharing the moment with a good friend is what makes my tattoos meaningful to me.

I may have reconsidered if I had wanted a larger tattoo though. ;)

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why don’t you start with something small and in a discrete area? then move on to a leg piece if you think he’s capable of permanently marking his territory.

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If ever i be so lucky to get a child, i would like him/her (when he/she is four or five about) to make a drawing on my arm, after which i would let a tattoo-artist ink it for real.
But a friend?

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children instinctively draw the sun at a very, very young age. interesting fact.

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No one puts a tattoo on me, not now, not ever.

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I would go for that.

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No. But, I wouldn’t want a tattoo period.

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Sure – it’d be an honor, esp. if it was a good friend.

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