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Assuming you use public transport, which do you take most & do you avoid any because of a problem you may have had in the past?

Asked by ucme (46545points) April 3rd, 2010

I suppose they all have their good & bad points,but which is your preferred option?Does this come down to convenience or have you had a hard time with any & consequently avoid using them?

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When in NY I use the subway a lot. Especially the 4/5 in Manhattan (the express trains) if I am in that part of town. In DC I use the metro.

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I take the metrolink train regularly and it gives me far fewer problems than Amtrak. It’s very reliable, rarely delayed. I also take the bus, which I’ve found to be horribly unreliable but a necessary evil… lots of planning ahead involved with that one. If there were a subway where I lived, I’d be all over that… used to love using those in D.C.

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In SF MUNI (bus and train transit) hits pedestrians and cars almost daily.
It’s just as dangerous on MUNI because there’s people on there smoking crack, starting fights, and robbing people and the city doesn’t know how to protect people riding it so they do nothing.

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I love PATH but try to avoid MTA if possible, too many delays and too expensive. I will take the subway over the bus, unless going crosstown. On principle I don’t use taxis. They are dicks, and inconsiderate drivers. I know that is a generalization, but who they employ reflects on the company.

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I take the subway almost everywhere that I can’t walk to, as I live in NYC. It’s rare that I take the bus or taxis. Both are too slow, generally.

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Bus and train. I stay away from taxis because they are expensive.

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Buses and taxis are the only public transport options in my state. Unless I get a lift from someone with a car, I have to walk or take the bus. Taxis are a waste of money unless the buses are no longer running/don’t come to where I am.

I don’t mind taking the bus. The bus mall here is apparently a hotspot for assaults and harassment, but with the hours I take I never have problems. Getting a bus is a nightmare on weekends and public holidays, and they only run every hour or half-hour to some places. I’ve had to become a lot more organised.

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I uses local buses regularly. I’ve had bad experiences with the local trains – while they’re faster the ones round here are less reliable, more often there were trains cancelled so I couldn’t get to work on time. I would rather rely on the buses even though it takes longer. Taxis are just too expensive to bother with unless I’m sharing with a lot of people. If I’m late in town and I’ve missed the last bus, a night in a hotel is cheaper than a taxi home.

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