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Have you ever been fired from a job without proper cause?

Asked by Rangie (3656points) April 3rd, 2010

I always believed in giving my best at any job I had. I took pride in what I could accomplish. I was working in a hospital medical records department. I gave it my best. My supervisor said one day, “are you going after my job”? She was a very insecure person, mainly due to the over use of diet pills, was my guess. She worked from 8 to 5, and I worked from 3 to 11. So I only saw her for 2 hours. But in that 2 hours I saw very strange behavior. She would go from agitated, and almost yelling at some of the employees, then leave the room for about 15 minutes, and come back a completely different person. I suspected she was using something. So nosey me went and looked in her top desk drawer. There it was, a couple of bottles of diet pills. I saw the doctors name and knew who he was. So miss buttinsky here informed the doctor one evening when he came in. He said, she told me she was giving them to her sister and her daughter. Well, anyway he stopped the prescripton for fear he would wind up in trouble. When she ran out, she wound up admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain of obscure origin.
When she returned to work, she was a mama bear with everybody. She fired one girl, then filed an insubordination on me. Which never happened. I was let go, without proper cause.

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Maybe they didn’t give you a documented “proper cause”, but “snooping through the boss’ desk to see what she’s using” would have been proper cause, if anyone had discovered you doing that and written it up.

Think of it as karma.

But to answer the subject question, yes, I’ve been fired “without proper cause”. So what? I was looking for a job when I found the one I was fired from. I got a better one.

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@CyanoticWasp I agree with you. I had no business snooping through her desk. I also agree with the karma thing. I did get what was coming to me. I will be the first to admit it when I am wrong and that was one. Not to give myself kudos for what I did, but I found out later, she became a much better person dealing with the employees. So it may have helped her, but not me. The thing is, I believe in privacy for everybody. I don’t know why I did that.

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I was up for a rase, the well known co(walmart) I worked for is notrrius for low wages. I would have been getting $12 per hour, I would have made more than my superviser. so after an un sucssesful atempt to fire me for of all things not hearing a customer( im hearing inpaired)
they gave me a bad evaluation, and let me go.

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@oreo45 I’m sorry for that, but did you find an equal or better job?

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@Rangie because I have a disabillaty, I am getting some assistance from

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How was it SHE wasn’t fired? I’m surprised the Dr. shared that info with you, as well.

I was let go from a job because the company was going down the toilet and they decided the managing director could do the accounting as well as his other job…. and they kept on the marketing fluff, I mean… marketing chick…, who was partly responsible the the situation the company was in. (they got de-listed at the supermarkets because they rebranded for no reason other than one of the new owners had a bigger ego than business IQ.) I should write a book at use that company as an example of bad partnership and bad management.

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I have only been fired from one job in my entire life, and that was for an illegal reason: being scheduled for military training programs at various times during the year. I could have taken them to court, but the military took me on as a full-time advisor and trainer for a US Army Reserve unit so the issue was moot.

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@CaptainHarley I would consider leagel action, but I dont think my ex co workers would testafy for fear of loseing their jobs.

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I had a prima facie case: this idiot fired me right after I gave him a schedule of possible training events I might need to attend. He even wrote on it, “We can’t have this!” Heh!

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@cazzie I guess he thought I could be trusted, because I told him he needed to be careful with what he was doing. With being said, he wasn’t the most ethical person I have ever known.

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some people, and or companies are just evil

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One thing you may not be aware of is that most employment is “at will.” Which is to say that your employer can let you go for any reason or no reason at all.

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Makes a good argument for a fallback position. : )

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The plant had severe problems with lack of production, quota was 13, 000 units/day, we were averaging 4,000.

Within three weeks, I had production averaging 14,250.

I was fired by the plant manager when the owners mentioned making me the plant manager, I later found out he told the owners that I had quit.

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That wasn’t the only time I was fired.
My first job, right out of high school 1960.
I worked for a music company that sold instruments. I worked the office. One day I was in a restaurant, after lunch I was having a cigarette. The owner of the company came in with some of the managers. They saw me and I said hello. The didn’t respond. Later that afternoon, I was called into his office and told they would have to let me go. Because I was smoking in public and that it would reflect on their company. I was all of 17 yrs. old and was shocked. I gathered up my things and left.

#2. I was fired from my very next job. I was married and 18 years old. I enjoyed the job and received many compliment from the big boss. But about 4 months later I became pregnant and made the mistake of telling one of the girls I worked with. Apparently, she told the son of the big boss. He didn’t say anything, but suddenly he started giving me jobs way out of my job description. Such as carrying heavy boxes up and down a steep flight of stairs. Then big piles of papers were appearing on my desk with a note telling me what to do with them. and this went on and on. I guess he thought I would quit. He finally came and told me I was fired because they didn’t have the insurance to cover a pregnant woman working there. So again, I packed up my things and left.

#3. I worked for a bank processing checks. There were about 12 of us working at different routing stations. We could not go home until everything was done, which meant the tellers had to balance, in order to hand over their paper work for the day. However, there was this one girl that got to go home at 5pm sharp, because she had to pick up her child at the sitters. Some of the rest of us has a child that had to be picked up as well. Everybody was complaining, but doing nothing about it. So, silly me, I went to our immediate boss to voice our issue. He reiterated why she has to leave at that time. I said I also had a child that had to be picked up, and so do some of the other girls. He looked at me and said, I hired you and I can fire you. I said that didn’t seem fair to me. He turned and said fine, then your fired. I said you can’t fire me, because I quit. Again, I went to gather my things and left. None of the other girls came forward. But, the next day 9 girls quit and left him with about 3 workers. He then got fired.

#4. I was working for a medical group in their medical records. My child was just 2 years old. I was still having some incontinent issues. I started to go to the ladies room, when my supervisor said where do you think you are going. I said to the ladies room. She said no you are not, you can wait until your break. I told her I couldn’t wait. She said, you will have to or I will report you. I was not only shocked, but I was close to having wet shoes. So, I turned and said, oh shut up, I am going and you do what you have to. When I came back she said I had to go down stairs to the bosses office. So I went, and he ask me if I said shut up to her. I said yes, and then proceeded to tell him why. He said I understand completely, but we still can’t have insubordination. Then said you wait here and I will get your check. I said, no you go get my check and I be right back. He ask me where I was going and I said, If I am going to get fired for that, I am going to get my money’s worth. He gave me a partial smile and said okay.
So I did get my money’s worth. I was on my way back to pick up my check, and passed a doctor on the way, he said, it is about time someone tells her what everybody wanted to.

#5. The one where I looked in my bosses drawer. Bad me.

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Some of these answers apply to your question; mine, for instance.

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In most cases you don’t need a reason to fire someone. Your job is not an entitlement. It all depends on the state in which you are located and whether or not you work under en employment or bargaining contract.

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They may not need a reason to fire you, but here if they do and don’t have a valid reason then you can sue them for wrongful dismal…successfully.

I was, and I sued and was successful.

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