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what will you buy with your tax rebate

Asked by oneye36 (305points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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More random bike parts that I don’t really need.

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We bought a big screen a couch and my husbands motorcycle.

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I know my boyfriend is using his to pay me back for his sidi dominators… and i’ll probably donate mine to doctors without borders.

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Those are nice shoes….

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my husband wants some for his new bike. I just told him that they were brought up a he said “omg you and that forum” lol

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Hahaha, he loves his bike too much. I get jealous of it sometimes. (So I buy him things for it so he thinks of me when he’s with it. XD)

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if we dont buy American who economy are we really helping

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What products are made in America anymore besides beef?

Oh right, massive recall for the past 2 years’ worth of beef.

So what is American made?

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cars food art lots of things but less now because of nafta

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I’m using mine to pay off student loans.. Not by choice.

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yeah that sucks that it gets taken out. I hate telling people that when I do their taxes.

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I’m talking about the checks in may

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I didnt think it had past yet. I thought it was still in discussion.

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no it passed 600 per tax payer I heard the dumbs thing today they are spending 40,000,000 to tell us our checks are on the way

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yeah but we will just pay for it next year.

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ya its a bad plan we will get the money from china give it to the poeple they will buy things made in china so who s economy are we helping

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hmm is there anything that costs approx. negetive $700. :(

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I already transferred mine into my account where I’m saving for a down-payment for my own home.

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Credit card bills

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The increase in my monthly heating bill.

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