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At an average how many people will forget to change their clocks tonight?

Asked by shorty (244points) March 8th, 2008
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Is that tonight?

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I’m hoping my trusty iPhone will do the remembering for little old forgetful me.

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If not for this post, I would have forgotten.

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Alot, but they probably remember the next mornin…. Thats what I do

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I dont have to beacause I live in Hawaii! (no time change here)

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Spring forward Tonight or should I say in the morning by 2:am. Good night to all. Church in the morning for me. :-)

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25,000,000 LOL

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I’m with toolaura on this one

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me, I live by the time on my iPhone.

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Its too snowy to care about time right now.

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HAH my computer does it for me! :P

god im such a nerd

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are you serious

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Well, I use my computer as a clock..

analogue is so last century

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I’m with neonez. My computer and iPod are the only clocks I have and they take care of these things for me.

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I don’t know how many.
Last year I figured out how to remember the months the time changed. 10–4 Like they say on the radio when they copy something. Someone must have found out because they decided to change the time in new months now. 11–3
I think they want us to forget.

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It does seem strange that it’s so early this year. I always assumed that it had to do with the lengthening and the shortening of daylight hours. But this year the government thought they’d move it to create some sort of energy savings.(?) can someone help me out with their reasoning for this?

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I think the point is to make reasonable daytime hours happen while the sun is still up. That way less people are sleeping with the sun up and turning on lights and heaters in the dark.

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