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Will my JB-Weld be wrecked?

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) April 3rd, 2010

I bought some JB-Weld, and when I opened it a lot squirted out, and some got in the cap, so now I can’t screw it on, I can only push it over the top. Will the JB-Weld be wrecked? Will it dry out and be unusable?

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JB Weld is an epoxy and cross contamination of the two parts is not a deal breaker here. Just clean off the cap as best as you can and put a little WD 40 on the threads to help prevent the cap from getting stuck. The product should be fine…if not PM me and I can help.

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Thanks, I was just worried that it would dry up somehow and stick the cap on, Turns out we do have Q-tipes so I’ll rub the caps out with some of thise.

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I’ve got JB-Weld and the cap on the gel-steel tube broke, and it’s fine. It’s all over the damn place though and a damn bitch to clean up.

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Yeah. They squich the tube down for some reason and it just pours out. They should sell it in a can of some sort so you can scoop it out.

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