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What would be some fun stocks to own (watch)?

Asked by ShiningToast (2101points) April 3rd, 2010

I have to pick 5 stocks for a project and keep track of their progress on a weekly basis for a few weeks.

I can buy 5 different stocks, and can “spend” $10,000. What would be some that have some potential, and would be entertaining to watch? I’m also looking for some more obscure companies, not just the big names (Apple, Toyota, etc…) but I won’t say no to them either. I’d like to come out positive too, but this is not essential.

Yes, I know this is about homework, but you guys aren’t doing any of my work. I’ll be doing the watching and tracking.

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I have a weseed account and bought Dominos with there new pizza “make over” and Waste Management after seeing a show with the CEO doing some overhaul.

Starbucks would be a good one , I have solar/green energy companies and they have not faired well, First Solar and SunTech Power Holdings are two I have.

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AT&T, Vodaphone, Sprint, Petsmart, pharmaceuticals.

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Churchill Downs it’s Derby time.
Dick’s sporting goods people are starting to sport with this weather
Barnes and Nobles do people buy books from a store or do they
WalMart the voice of America

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or Lowes vs. Home Depot
Target vs. Walmart

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The most obscure would be penny stocks, which is still an unregulated wild west for people who like getting screwed. Not all penny stocks are “bad”, but your risk as an investor is greater because you cannot sell your penny stock when you want to. The liquidity isn’t there, and if you urgently have to sell, you’ll just have to wait. But… they can be fun. For instance: PINK:MJNA (that means Pinksheet (Pennystock) with Ticker MJNA: Medical Marijuana, Inc., a medical marijuana services company

As for regular NYSE/NASDAQ stuff, then here’s some fun ones:

In my opinion, what the company actually does… does not matter. Not even the P/E ratio matters. All that matters is the stock chart pattern. (Fundamentalists will strongly disagree). Pay attention to the Sector first, individual stock, 2nd.

AUY (Yamana Gold) tends to go up when gold goes up, since it’s a mining operation.
or GLL (a pro-shares anti-gold fund on steroids… bet on GLL if you think gold is going down)
SLB (Schlumberger) is an oilfield production services company
MCD (McDonalds) not unusual but a good, easy stock to dive in and out of
SDOW (pro-shares fund that goes WAY up when the Dow goes down… stands for “short the dow”

Here is a heat map of the NYSE stocks, you can find thousands more here:

Here’s a free support/resistance indicator (free registration required):

HERE’S A LIST OF SOME SECTORS and STOCKS in those SECTORS, original list courtesy of Phil Grande of











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Medical marijuana!!! interesting.

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Pick at least one that’s completely obscure and that you just like the name of. Pick it for fun.

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See’s Candy.

Watch the funds spike around each holiday. :)

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Ubisoft. Watch it go down.
Windows. Watch it freak out.
Apple. Watch it go wayyyy up.
EA. Watch it go up.
Google. I dont need to explain.
Last one should be something you’re interested in.

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Ruger (RGR) – They make great firearms. It is fun to watch it move whenever there’s a crisis.

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Pork bellies,wait for it Mortimer.

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Here’s your portfolio:

Apple, Inc. (AAPL) Technology
Merck and Co., Inc. (MRK) Healthcare
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, LP (KMP) Energy
General Mills, Inc. (GIS) Consumer Goods
Li ion Motors Corp. (LMCO) Consumer Speculative

Allocate 20% of your bankroll to each ($2,000). This is one hell of a diversified stock portfolio. Keep me updated.

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