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I need suggestions on a car with good handleing and is fast and has style

Asked by beenzy7 (51points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone


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What’s your budget?

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I was thinking Nissan Skyline or Yukon

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I drive a 05mustang I love it not the best in the snow but fast in the summer

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My family gave 5,000

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a used BMW 3 or 5 series. You can get something pretty late model for your budget. They handle like magic and pack a lot of punch for such a small car.

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That sounds good i will stop by dealership tommrrow

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well the “M” editions are very expensive, you can get an older “M” for that budget, but you’d be happier with a later model 3 or 5 series… or a motorcycle. That’s my personal fave.

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ya mustangs not in the budget but close

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I agree, def a bmw… But can be crazy expensive to keep up!

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I love my Del Sol. And they last forever. But they’re old cars and fairly hard to find someone who is willing to give theirs up.

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If I were you I would check out a used Subaru Impreza WRX. They are AWD and pretty quick. They handle like a beauty. I had a WRX for two years then purchased an STi. Drove the heck outta my WRX
without any mechanical issues. I also used to rally cross my WRX so it took a good beating and did great. If anything its at least checking out. The new model designs are ugly, but 02–07 models are very attractive.

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I would say like an evo 8, because they are all wheel drive so the handling is great, and those cars are deadly fast, also I agree with an bmw m3.

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Volkswagens handle great and are a lot of fun to drive… especially manual transmissions. I’ve had 3 and all went over 175,000 miles on the original clutch and transmission.

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@beenzy7: from your description and follow-up, it seems that you’re looking for performance on a budget (“Champagne taste on a Beer budget”) most cases these two concepts are diametrically opposed. But, if you are on a tight budget in general, I would suggest thorough research on every vehicle you’re considering, especially in the area of maintenance costs and major/common repairs for that models and year. Also, I would highly recommend avoiding used “tuner” cars, as tweaked and customized as they might be, their engines and other parts are usually abused and worn, requiring near and medium-term repairs that can be quite costly.

Believe me when I say that I have a “Saab” story that will make you teary-eyed. A $40,000 car that appears on the used market for $5000 should throw up all sorts of red flags-just do your research and never take the advice of a used car salesman (which I’m not). Remember they’re there to sell cars, not be a friend.

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Find something that runs…Will get you from point A to point B…Your a mechanic and like cars…Right?...So get some pre 1974 heap that’s not to cancered out and do a resto rod re-build…I’m in the process of making a 1990 pick-up right….Parts are not all that expensive. Plus cruising wrecking yards is kinda fun….

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Good point on the “tuner” cars, however it really depends on how its tuned and mapped. If you know what you are doing, you can get plenty of miles on a tuned engine. For example my 05 WRX had a larger aftermarket turbo, injectors, fuel pump, uppipe, downpipe (both catless), intake, fmic, bcs, TGV delete and a moderatley aggressive tune with my 91 octane map and a little more agressive on the 100 octane map. I got 159k miles on the car with regular service. I sold it for a 07 STi and the current owner of my old car is at just over 200k and running strong. However I am anal and take great car of my vehicles. If you were to buy a WRX I’d buy a stock used one as most people bolt on a crap load of parts and dont tune it, resulting in some premature engine failure.

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budget car: 94–01 acura integra gsr or a 92–00 civic hatchback with integra vtec engine/b18c engine swapped in, endless aftermarket support, easy to find replacement parts, cheap to upgrade, spent 12 grand total along with car and can out handle and out perfom current vette hands down. If you see a lot of rain, snow I’d go with something awd, older WRX could work for you.

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If you can afford the upkeep on a Beemer, get an old MG. It’s the closest thing to flying next to motorcycling.

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I purchased a Mini Cooper S 6-speed last May. It’s got fantastic handling and I average 30–33 MPG (depending on how aggressively I drive it!)

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Bugatti Chiron car is the fastest but if may be a too expensive. It would be better if you had mentioned your budget too.

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The 3 series BMW is a good bet. Your budget will probably keep you earlier anyway but the E90 series (2011) and earlier are the best IMO. The later ones are getting numb and lack character in driver feedback.

Don’t neglect the Mazda Miata either.

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