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Are you/will you get an iPad?

Asked by Hexr (478points) April 4th, 2010

Do you think there is any place for the iPad in the gadget world? It has been criticized by some people, and some people swear by it. Do you think it’s ridiculous, and is the same as a large iPod touch? I personally feel that it’s ridiculous and think if someone’s going to blow $500, they should buy an iPhone instead; it does more and it’s practical in size. Are you a fan of Apple’s products in general, and what do you think about the iPad in comparison to Apple’s other products? Is it a flop, or is it a goldmine?

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I want one!...but i’ll just wait for the prices to come down…..

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I already have an iPhone and a MacBook; I don’t need an iPad. Personally, I think it’s a little laughable. I suppose I could see having it instead of an iPhone and a MacBook, but not along with both or one of those things.

It doesn’t have Flash, people. I mean come on

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I’ve hated Apple ever since I was able to use the first generation of Imacs. What overrated junk that company makes.

(Although they are brilliantly innovative, and contributing to the technology of America…. I just hate their prices, exclusivity, and abundance of bugs that people never seem to complain about for some reason)

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Not interested.

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Negatory, Ghostrider.

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Isn’t it just like a MaxiPad?

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Waiting for second generation to come out.

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I’m getting one to show my portfolio to clients on. Someone else I know is getting one to keep sheet music on. Their pile of paper is 10’ high, and now one little gadget can sit on the piano and hold all of it. Another friend of mine is getting one for his mother to surf the web comfortably in her bed at night. iPhone won’t do for everything. I always wished it was more Newton in size anyway. I miss that form factor.

I may actually wait for their OSX based tablet computer. It will have a pen and if the screen is high enough quality I’ll actually be able to run photoshop with accurate color.

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@DominicX Exactly. No Flash on something with that much screen real estate is somewhat of a deal breaker. I’ll stick with my Pro and iPhone as well.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Great examples for actually needing one, rather than just buying it to have one.

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i had the chance to use one at our local BestBuy and honestly, I wasn’t impressed at all. It actually felt a bit awkward trying to type on it. I have an iPhone and it much more practical. I won’t be getting one anytime soon.

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It provides nothing of interest to me.

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I will get one of the 3G versions once they start to show up at the refurbished store. I have a iPod Touch and a iMac. I didn’t use a laptop that often so I don’t have one now. I always carry my messenger bag with me so having it fit in my pocket isn’t a big deal.

I played with it for a bit today and it was great for browsing the web and email. That is 80% of what I do with my iPod Touch. And I like being able to buy 3G connectivity when I need it instead of having a contract. And Flash sucks. It is mostly used for annoying ads and video. And if people start using the HTML5 video element that won’t be of concern.

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It does seem to be an unnecessary bit of kit at the moment. If you have a smart phone and a laptop what is the real need? It’s not a full computer like a laptop but about the same size as some of the smaller ones. It isn’t a phone but does all the rest of the stuff that you can no doubt do on your laptop anyway. And worst of all I hear you can’t have more than one application open at a time? WTF?

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@ratboy haha wherever technology is porn is right behind it driving it along

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No, I don’t see any reason to own one….yet. I just dont need it. I dont like E-books. I want real books. I will rarely use it. It will just be a waste of money.

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I can’t think of anything useful I would use it for. I also wouldn’t be happy that it’s tied to Apple for all the apps. An OSX based tablet would be a bigger draw for me. And wi-fi instead of 3G.

But, then, I’ve never been enamored of Apple products since back in the Apple ][ days.

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Are you/will you get an iPad?
Probably, I need to check one out in the stores or borrow one for a day first though. But I’m starting to consider it.

Do you think there is any place for the iPad in the gadget world?
I didn’t think there really was, I can see how it’s nice to have as a “consumer” device, but if you create content, it doesn’t seem like it would be up to the task. But then that description justifies it I suppose, a device for those who consume daily but only rarely create.

Do you think it’s ridiculous, and is the same as a large iPod touch?
My first though was, I’ve got an iPhone, why would I need this? But as my laptop slowly degrades and dies I’m starting to see it as having an “around the house” use. A role my laptop could fill but not in as elegant a fashion. Still had I just bought my laptop I wouldn’t even be considering it.

Are you a fan of Apple’s products in general, and what do you think about the iPad in comparison to Apple’s other products?
I’ve been a fan for most of my life. I went through school on mostly apple II systems, had a couple powermacs then started to move to the powerbooks when they went G3.

Is it a flop, or is it a goldmine?
I just sighed and thought, wow, guess this will be a black eye when I first heard it. Now they’re supposedly sold out on their opening weekend. Even being a marketing strategy, that certainly bodes well.

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I got mine yesterday and I LOVE IT! The book reader alone makes it worth the $499 price.

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I am not one, and I probably won’t be getting one.

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I already got an iPod Touch for free with my new Macbook Pro.

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I’m so happy with my Android phone that I may wait for one of the many variations of the coming DroidPad

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Nope. I like machines that can multitask :P

Oooooohh…. DroidPad….

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Nice @RealEyesRealizeRealLies – Probably not my thing yet, but maybe when the iPad 3G S Mega Special Uber Hot comes out in 5 years.

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I’ll pass on the iPad. I can get the same things it offers right now from my laptop, iPod and my Amazon Kindle. The iPad is just an overpriced and overrated jumble of something or other.

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Nahh. All I need is my iPhone. I’ll just use the ipad cash for something useful, like food or rent.

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@rawpixels If you wanted a book reader, you could have saved $200.

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I won’t waste the money on a tablet that doesn’t support Flash, doesn’t have a USB port, can’t multitask, and forces me to financially support AT&T.

I am however, saving my pennies for the ADAM

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By the time I’m very old, i’m sure almost everyone will have a device like this in their home.

But I have no interest in Apple’s pricey first generation stuff.

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@DominicX One of the best features of the iPad is the 10+ hours of battery life. David Pogue even said it played video from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm nonstop. Flash would diminish the battery by 80%. Most people watch videos on YouTube these days and there are even several sites that have moved to html5 if you don’t. Google has even demonstrated games in the browser. I don’t really think Flash is that big a deal.

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Yes I will buy one. Probably the 499$ model. I mean I can finally stop carrying around my laptop to do work. Have you even seen the apps on the thing? It looks great. The iBook store even has many free books that you’re forced to read in school so that could be useful to many. I think of the iPad as another mini computer that lets me concentrate on the things I do most. Like really, who does more than browse the internet, check email, and write documents?
And who couldn’t love the 10+ hour battery?

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It’s just the fact that it can’t do something my laptop can do. What happens when I want to use Flash? I just have no reason to get it. I have no intention of giving up my MacBook.

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@rawrgrr I think Flash will remain a big deal for a few more months, but you are correct overall. Of course, that would force IE to adapt or die, so I think Microsoft may have a few things to say about it.
Also, depending on the codec, everybody else except Google and Apple might also object since Safari seems to be supporting a different set of standards from every browser other than Chrome.

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I don’t claim the iPad would replace a MacBook or any laptop. I think Flash may be an issue for some, but I think many companies will develop iPad compatible sites/apps if there’s a market for it. All I can say is that for a first gen device, I’m impressed! I’m a designer, but I didn’t buy the iPad to do any design work on. It’s a great device to have in the living room to surf the web (which is a pleasure on the bigger screen), send/receive emails, possibly watching movies in my bedroom, where a TV doesn’t exist. Also, the book reader is just plain gorgeous and so user friendly.

I’m thrilled with the iPad, and it’s only going to get better and better. I’m looking forward to see what talented developers create for the ipad (games, various apps, etc)

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I already have the iPad…

the iPad Nano that is…

…the iPod touch that is.

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No, I have no use for it. aren’t itouches, ipod nanos, and iphones enough? What do I need an iPad for? Toreplace my mac computer? I think I’ll save money, and stick with what I have.

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@rawrgrr Maybe that’s it; I just have too deep a mistrust of first-gen anything. Once it’s hit the really-real world for a bit and more places get around to switching to HTML5 then things will be different. I probably still won’t buy one, but at least I won’t roll my eyes at them.

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@DominicX Alright well it wasn’t meant to do everything your laptop would do. I want it mostly for it’s portability and battery life but if flash is a big deal for you that’s fine. Just don’t start complaining later on that you can’t use your mouse on it.

@jerv Yes I always do feel a little nervous buying a first generation but I’ve been hearing really good things about it. I’ll just wait and see what is happening to others. Maybe problems will come later on.

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@rawrgrr Compare the first-gen iPhones to what came fairly shortly thereafter; something better, faster, and cheaper. Same with the iPod… though I want to know what they were smoking when they designed the Shuffle.
Okay, we’ve already established that it will integrate seamlessly with your other Apple products assuming you have any and won’t multitask, and all sort of other thing it will or won’t doo. However, there was one question that I couldn’t find the answer to… until now.
Will it blend?

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It is awesome-no comparison to iPod Touch or iPhone. Typing is getting easier and for extensive word processing using a Bluetooth keyboard works well. Waiting on purchasing apps as most seem overpriced. Netflix and iBooks are worth the cost of admission alone…

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Nooo, it’s just like a horrible computer. :P

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Nope, I’d much rather have a fully functional laptop.

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@sndfreQ Typing is even easier on my cheaper, faster Toshiba T135 which can run better freeware apps. Say, when is the iPad getting a port of OpenOffice? Sure, my rig is heavier, but I don’t have to worry about lugging around a second component since the keyboard is built-in. And I can do the Netflix and book things as well.

For what it can do and it’s specs, I’d pay $100–150. Add in another $100 for the famous Apple build quality and premium for the portability (smaller than a laptop but not pocket-sized) then a smidge more since Apple is a for-profit company and not a charity, and you wind up with a number that it’s PC competitors will reach fairly easily and Apple will never dare touch. Of course, Apple is also known to run a wider profit margin than many other companies, so expect some steep price cuts the instant demand starts to waver.

I predict that the iPad’s competitors will fall into two camps; the cheaper ones that are slightly more capable, and the comparably-priced ones that will blow the iPad out of the water except for the fact that they are not marketted as well. Say what you will about Apple, but they are slick when it comes to getting people to drink the Kool-aid.

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I won’t lie it did cross my mind to buy the ipad but it’s way to expensive. I rather buy another itouch.

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I got one. I LOVE it. Best toy ever. Though I actually did have a few practical reasons for getting one. In the year or so before it came out I became addicted to ebooks, and discovered that I like them much better than regular books. I have a few books I’ve re-bought in ebook format just because it’s so much nicer reading that way. I thought about the Kindle and the others, but the iPad seemed much more practical in terms of functionality versus price. My thinking was, even though I’m paying about twice as much, I’m getting much more than just an e-reader out of it.

My other main reason is that I take notes in class on my laptop, and I think the clickety-clack of the keys is super obnoxious. Especially when there’s a few of us taking notes this way and it’s a small room. I always feel bad sitting towards the front of lecture halls, even, for fear of distracting the prof. So I tried typing on a model they have in the Apple store, and it’s really easy for me because I never learned to touch-type properly, and look at the keys as a matter of course. Hooray, now it’s a valuable education tool!

Also, I’ve gotten much busier recently, and I’ve not had time to read my New Yorker subscription. I was hoping that having this around would help, but the format doesn’t come over so well…hopefully they’ll fix this soon.

Since I’ve gotten it, I’ve also found a totally unexpected benefit – I’m back into comics. I forgot how addicting those gorgeous little beasts are! Check out the app; it’s simply phenomenal.

I think it remains to be seen if it will be a long term success.

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@wildpotato Couldn’t agree more.

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I use mine mainly so that I don’t have to carry the number of books that I used to take with me everywhere. My husband is a computer tech- until we moved he was responsible for all of the computers in the Research Psychology department at Wright State University. Our opinion, and I am stating only our opinion, is that Apple computers are better than anything put out by Microsoft. Also, the people who study how people interact with technology at Wright State is that Apple computers are easier to use and they don’t have nearly as many bugs, because it uses the same technology as Bsd Linux machines.

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Microsoft doesn’t make computers.

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Bought one for my son and looking at getting one for myself this weekend. I am so close to going paperless and this will finally allow me to do it.

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I bought one on the first day and within a couple of months realized I was rarely using it. I’m waiting for the next gen of the iPad and other brands.

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I’m actually seriously considering getting one of the Chinese knock-offs – either the aPad or the larger ePad. Still researching.

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I’ve had my iPad for about a month and I use it everyday. I use it to take notes with in meetings, track my exercising and calories, read rss feeds, show presentations to my class, watch movies and TV shows, read books, align my telescope, listen to podcasts and music. It has been more useful that I thought it would be.

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Possibly. I’m going to wait, though. For either the ipad 3 or until the price drops. It’s ridiculous how much everything costs these days.

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Have one now- I am ashamed to admit that it is my second. I promised myself I would stick with my iPad 1 and not start having to have the newest release. Then my husband decided that he wanted my first gen iPad and I was “forced” to invest in a two. He got my old one for a present.

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