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What are the gifts of being a parent?

Asked by Kismet (718points) April 4th, 2010

I often think about why certain people become parents, and how they feel about being a parent themselves.

There are some people who accidentally get pregnant and just end up being parents earlier than they expected or wanted.

There are some people who very much WANT to be parents, and I’m also curious why they feel this way?

Is it nature? Is it something inside their head that ticks and says “babies now!”? Or maybe even to gain attention from others?
Or maybe all sorts of things?

I’m truly curious on this topic.

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The gift of parenting is an opportunity to care more for someone else than you do for yourself.

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Children bring great joy into your life. At times great heartache, If i had no children my life would no be fullfilled, they are my reason for living. :)

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“There are some people who very much WANT to be parents, and I’m also curious why they feel this way?”

Organisms, which have a genetic predisposition to desire offspring, generally reproduce more prolifically that those that do not, as well as care more effectively for their young, and therefore more successfully propagate said genetics and, so, said behaviour.

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Knowing that you’re bestowing the gift of life to your own flesh & blood.A life that will be so utterly cherished & nutured to the best of your ability.My 2 children were very much planned, reversal of surgical procedure on my wife courtesy of a previous marriage.Yeah being a parent tops everything i’ll ever do that’s for sure.

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There are many: it’s about gaining perspective and understanding what really matters in life – it’s about being completely flabbergasted by something your kids do/say as they’re learning the world and not being able to stop smiling/laughing at them – it’s about holding them close to you and looking over at your partner and being so thankful for your family and feeling incredibly lucky.

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You get to have someone tell you that you are the most awesomest at everything and they really mean it!

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@Cruiser I remember that, as a kid and a parent.

I used to think my parents knew everything. Later, I didn’t think my parents knew anything. Now I understand they are just as confused about it all as I am.

Currently, my 14yr old son doesn’t think I know anything. It seems like only yesterday that he believed I knew everything.

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It’s a gift to have a small pair of arms around your neck and to carry the weight of the small person to bed while they trustingly hold on to you. It is a gift to be the first one they think to call on when they’ve been hurt or have something exciting to share. It is a gift to have this small life think that you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread and it’s a gift when they begin to assert their independence and think that you know nothing about anything. Then it’s another gift when they come sit on the edge of your bed at the end of the day and choose to tell you things that they’ve done and said. And it’s a gift when they get a bit older and come back and tell you that you were right after all.
As a person who has been blessed with all these gifts and others that are really too numerous to count, I try to remember these when I feel unhappy about other things. I have been truly blessed with gifts that I never earned.
I hope one of you remind me of this the next time I start bitching.

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Most people don’t have anything better to do. Having a kid is an easy ticket to having a purpose in life. Not to belittle the potential there is in raising children, but it usually comes about as an accident or last resort. Maybe after we fall under the weight of our own numbers, we’ll find ways to help most people have more to do than reproduce, but for now it really is the most fulfilling thing the average person can do. Which is why the world domineers will probably cull our numbers down fairly soon. As our growth rate increases exponentially, it is the most likely possibility. But that’s not something to think about while you’re out shopping for maternity clothes. Happy Easter.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies My son is at that age too and now I know why my parents kept telling me….“OK Mr. Smarty pants just wait until you have kids!! ” lol! I must have been a real PITA!

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@Cruiser My mom cursed me with the “Mother’s Curse” and said “I hope you have one just like you!” That curse works. She’s 26 now and one of the most wonderful people that I have the honor to know.

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poop on the carpet


and knowing that you’ll never do anything better than that

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Because children are the lights of your lives. Getting past the terrible 3’s, the whining, kicking, screaming, biting, it’s ALL worth it! Watching your children grow up into the people who started as only babies. Teaching them to learn and love, watching them grow, learning from their mistakes. Watching their minds develop. Watching them fall to their feet, and get right back up again. Seeing them become the best people they can be, working to the best of their abilities. What @slick44 said, “they are my reason for living” I couldn’t put any better.

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I’ve always enjoyed children since I was young and always knew that someday when I was ready I would want to be a mom. For me I think it was always their innocence that I always thought a gift and the squeal of laughter and joy. Till this day, when I hear children laugh I can’t help but laugh along with them. Their joy is always so genuine. Some people get annoyed at hearing them play. But I could listen all day.

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I never got along well with other people’s children, but I always wanted my own. Without my kids, I have no idea what my life would be like; they bring me joy, laughter, bittersweet sadness at watching them grow so quickly, amazement, sleep deprivation, dirty shirts from spaghetti smeared hands, sticky cheeks from peanut butter and jelly kisses, good dreams, bad dreams, anticipation, anxiety, and the most imaginable feeling of all- their absolute unfaltering unconditional love.

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Gifts are countless.
For me, nothing can compare to those moments when your child hugs you, gives you a big smooch, and tells you that he/she loves you. Nothing.

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wiping their mucky faces and hands

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