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Taking the asvab test?

Asked by killerkadoogen (418points) April 4th, 2010

I am taking the asvab tomorrow. I have a feeling i am not going to do well on the math section. Does anyone know what jobs the army offers that don’t require you to do well on the math part of the asvab? Yes I have studied.. I just don’t have the brain for algebra and that kind of stuff.

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I took the asvab on a whim and scored high as hell, tho i did not join the army or any branch because of family reasons. Dont over stress. Theres alot you could do that you dont need to know alot of math. Just relax.

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Don’t worry about it. An idiot could pass the asvab. It is sad really. You would think we would expect more of our forces. I took it a few years back with no prep time- didn’t even know I would be taking it until a couple hours before. I think I got two, maybe three questions wrong on the entire thing.

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Lets put it this way; I hadn’t had my morning cup of coffee yet and managed an 87 on that portion of the ASVAB. The math they want you to do on there is simple, and the only way you can really screw it up is if you’re nervous.

Relax, you’ll be fine. If you have the math skills to count correct change, you are eligible for nearly any MOS they have to offer :)

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look as for m, i have not being in school for about 12 years now plus my brain cant even remember anything, so now how can i pass the asvab, with my thinking is like this i have tried but no luck at all, is there any help that any one can do for m to help m? pls. i need this for there is no work here where i live for the employment only care about the colour of your skin before they give you a job. can someone pls help me out pls?

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@daddy34 It’s tough out there right now, even for highly educated white people with vast experience in their field. I have a friend with a Masters degree that had to take a job at Home Depot. I myself was unemployed for over a year and wound up taking a position that only pays half of what a person at my level usually makes, and I was lucky to wind up working in my field of expertise since I am not on the position they originally hired me for.

As for the ASVAB, I still say that the hardest part of it is conquering your own fear. The first time I took it, it was in a vocational class that had one guy with an IQ of 68; he was clinically retarded and yet he did well enough to pass. He had an amazingly high score on the Mechanical Aptitude section too; he beat most of the rest of the class on that part!

Just relax. The harder you try, the more nervous you’ll get, and that is when you will give wrong answers. Don’t be nervous :)

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