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Where did God come from?

Asked by chloEnak (30points) March 8th, 2008

i just wanted to know, always been curious.

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hmmm….google it

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Last login: Fri Mar 7 17:01:28 on console
Macintosh:~ johnpowell$ man God
No manual entry for God
Macintosh:~ johnpowell$

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@John Powell: Hahahahahahaha

And that’s what I ask when people say that the universe has to have come from something because everything does.

And my answer is He/she came from the minds of people.

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G-d always was, is, and is to come.

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For what’s heaven? What’s earth? What’s God ? All in the mind.

@johnpowell: god

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From the mind… Hmmm I never thought about that… Interesting…

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@John Powell
Oh my god (lower case) I was on the floor laughing. Then finally when I had regained my breath I told my boyfriend why I was laughing and took about 5 mins to explain to him why it was funny.

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wow.. That funny?

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In what sense? I’m a rationalist so I don’t believe in god, but I don’t deny the existence of God as a means to achieve spiritual enlightenment. I think god is human kind’s manifestation of all they seek to know and become, in order to be enlightened and happy. In that sense god is whatever or whoever you choose, but they exist as a vehicle for your spirituality or need for understanding to be fulfilled.

My answer is really deep compared to all the jokes I don’t get…

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well, i’m a catholic. But I just wanted to know the view of different kinds of religions but I honestly can’t process where God came from. And I don’t get the jokes either.

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@ blue mukaki, I don’t get the jokes as well but love your answer. I’m very religious, (catholic) but am very open minded to others beliefs as well. Not One of those old school Catholics that will shove there beliefs down peoples throats. God can be a different answer for everyone.

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he always was he’s the begining and the end we make the mistake of thinking of god in our time frame 1day to God is as 1000years to us

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Oh if you wanted to know other peoples religious views you should have asked ;-)
Personally I’m Ignostic. So I don’t really feel like people can discuss the existence of god or where he came from without all agreeing upon what the word “god” means. Without all of us agreeing on what “god” means it’s pointless for us to even discuss “him”.

I’m also Discordian, so believe that Eris is the only Goddess, and she is the Goddess…..or not, who knows.

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always and forever

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@chloEnak, i think in most conceptions of God, “where”-ness proceeds the existence of “God”, as does Time itself (time is the progression of physical events, and the physical world is itself a creation of said diety. So, the question of “pre-creation” then may come to your mind. However, this notion is still rooted in cause and effect, which implies the passage of time.

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Human feelings of loneliness and fear

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Every culture has invented a religion of one sort or another to respond to, as sndfreQ pithily remarked, loneliness and fear, usualy of illness and death..the ultimate mystery.

I, too, find, the putative jokes very unfunny.

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I hope my remarks were not construed as judgmental-I firmly believe in a person’s right to choose their own belief system.

One aspect of organized religion that I find a “plus” is the idea of communing and community building, and sharing said beliefs in the spirit of the “human family”.

The problem I find in some interpretations of the “human” element is the tone of exclusivity (whether subtle or overt the interpretation of “divinity” as exclusive) and lack of tolerance of alternative values or thoughts; it’s the “human design” factor that stagnates and alienates most of the “undecided” away from today’s organized religions IMO.

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@sndfreQ: yea, having a monopoly on insight into something that is supposedly omnipresent strikes me as incredibly odd as well.

I know a guy who, when asked about his religious beliefs, says “I believe in God, but I don’t believe in man.” Which I think sums up the distrust in authority-based religions.


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From Man. We created him in our own image, not the other way around.
Oh, and I know He is not a She because as George Carlin puts it, no woman could f*** things up this badly!

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@astrochuck- maybe the question should be “Where did you come from?” I am Woman, hear me Roar.

Your first sentence was spot-on. You should have stopped while you were ahead..

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How do you flag answers again, on iPhones ? I’d like to flag astrochucks.

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@astroChuck. My sincere apologies. I read the Carlin quote too quickly. Sorry to have sounded so rude.

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Here is an excellent video explaining how God has always been here and was never created. It makes so much sense! (seriously)

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seriously, my little sister saw me on here and wanted to make an account. This is her question, and personally I shouldve told her not to ask it. She’s 14, and doesn’t really understand that a question like this causes so much controversy. I’m glad shes not on here anymore.

@theotherkid; I wish I can see that video. My phone won’t let me go on it.

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