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What would be the reasons for a cd/dvd rom door not opening when theres no disk is inside?

Asked by luckynikki (9points) April 4th, 2010

I bought this computer refurbished, its an hp pravillion

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It could be defective or
the power cable is loose inside, or
the power supply is not providing the power for the CD/DVD drive to operate properly.

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Could be anything from the process never reaching execution to the eject button being broken.

You could probably check and make sure its not the Eject button by opening up a music
player such as windows music player and pressing Control + E, I think thats eject.

If not then its probably just a faulty disk drive.

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thank you ninyjobs, I actually called hp and opended up the tower and found out that it wasn’t connected properly, you were right on the money. :)

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