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Where are you?

Asked by breedmitch (12156points) March 8th, 2008

Ok. so, every few months I ask this question and it always seems to follow on the heels of the age question. (btw Fluther gods: maybe age should be part of the user bio) But anyway, this time tell me where you live and how long you’ve been there. Maybe also something you find attractive about your locale. Sell it!!
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I live in Abilene Texas. Ive been here about I guess give or take 4 years other than that it was ballinger. Then my home town of phoenix and LA. Abilene is known for dyess AFB nothing really here about 150k I think.

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good ole Ocean Springs, MS

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Still in Kerikeri, New Zealand. It’s late summer here, lots of flowers out, the days are long and steamy. I’ve been living here a fortnight short of a year and it’s a nice place, especially if you’re into sailing, surfing, scuba, etc.

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Fresno, CA.
Age doesn’t matter.
And I really can’t find anything i perfectly love about my looks. I’m always lukewarm about them. What about you? What do you like about your looks?

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Hobart, Tasmania

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I guess I should have answered too.
I’m in Brooklyn, NY. I love the tree lined streets and the brownstone buildings as I walk to Olmstead’s grestest creation: Prospect Park.
@ fireant4040: My sis and her family are in Ocean Springs. Are you Navy?

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in a little place called Earth

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I live in Eugene Oregon and I am a liberal that doesn’t drive. I like to skateboard and play basketball under the bridge.

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@breedmitch. No I’ve lived here all my life. Its where all my family are from

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I live in Hawaii and live on a hill that that overlooks diamondhead and the ocean. Its beautiful.

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Breedmitch- what name
did you go with for your bar?

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flight club

No, just kidding. I was all set to give gooch the prize for “the stomping ground” but the others nixed it. As of today it still hasn’t a name, which is fine since we don’t open til June.
For the noobs:

Kev, thank’s for the introduction to the hawaiian music. Lovin it.

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Ledward? Yeah he’s the shi-loha. Anytime.

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Lubbock, Texas 16.5 years.

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I’m in the twin cites in from panama city beach, fla so I think it pretty much sucks here to cold

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I’m currently in Flagstaff, AZ. It’s very cold and snowy most of the year. The people are great though and it’s a small, laid-back mountain town. I’m 20 and working on a criminal justice degree. Other than that I’m pretty boring : )

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fall river, Ma

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I live in central New Jersey, USA; where I have lived all but the first 5 months of my life. NJ is densely populated and has a high cost of living because of its location. I am 60 miles to New York City and to Philadelphia; I am 20 minutes from the beach, and 2 hours from the Pocono Mountains.

In my region, I am far enough away from the ocean and the Delaware river that we’ve never had flooding. Most major storms graze us because of the way we are nestled in an indentation along the Eastern coastline.

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chloEnak…. Go Dogs!

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I live in Long Island, New York. Moved into my own place about 6 months ago so I moved one town over. Umm, not much here. The 7–11 is nice.

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Kansas City, MO – just a few months. The winter was hard but it’s starting to be Spring. When the sun’s out and the air’s still chilly it’s very invigorating and makes me feel cheerful. Plus the architecture in the area I’m in is very beautiful and inspiring, and the arts scene is decent.

I miss home though.

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Lafayette, LA – about 20 miles from the Gulf or 20 miles from the swamps. Best food in the world. It’s the heart of Cajun country. There is a festival every weekend with great music, dance and food. The southern part of the state in nicknamed “The Sportmants Paradise” for hunting and fishing. Just hours from about 10 casinoes if you like that better. Oh by the way unemployment is less than 1 percent that makes finding a job easy. One last thing LSU holds the national champion title for collage football and it is a one hour drive to watch the game.

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Sounds enticing! My wife and I have been talking about where to move next (it’s a few years down the road, nothing like planning ahead!). We’ve lived in New Mexico and New Zealand, so we figure New Orleans might have to be the next stop. How does it compare to Lafayette?

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NOLA is very different than Lafayette. They are only two hours apart though. Both have great food and parties. The culture is different and Lafayette is much safer. NOLA does have great history. NOLA has been a major city way before this country came along.

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I’m from lemoore, California. There is no ocean!! ...we only have two small rivers (except for the water tanks).. It does not snow here! There are no malls!!! We just recently got our FIRST and ONLY starbucks!!!!! There is one community college (about 4 years old). We have ONE public high school, FOUR Alt. Education high schools, 2 private schools, five elementary schools, and one middle school. We have TWO sit-down family restraunts.. (the vineyard, a family owned business, and chubbys diner!!!). A couple years back we got a 4 screen movie theatre!! but mostly we have lifted trucks and dirty sluts!!... (the young adults fav. Saying) along with alot of dirty, muddy trucks and TRACTORS!!!! Yes we are a farming community!!!! We are not a city we are a town of farmers and also navy families!!.. (located in the out skirts of lemoore is the navel air station). But mostly we are a farmers!!!! I mean we have cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, horses, phesants, and CORN at lemoore high school!!!!!!

Its sad to think that I have lived here for 18 years!!!... ( by the way I’m 18 now!!) I mean I live in beautiful sunny California. But its not the California in movies!!!! Hahaha but don’t it wrong!!! Because I like it here!!! There might not be a whole lot to do.. But trust me we find things to do!! Haha we go riding our quads, and dirtbikes every weekend!!!! We go to someones house and party or in the summer we go to the river to spend a day floating and drinking haha!!! Or if you wanna see a movie and still wanna party, there is a drive-in!!!!! Good old lemoore, founded as a town with lots of saloons on one of the stops of the train!!!!

But this Is where I’m at!!!!

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