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What are some well-paying jobs with flexible hours that don't require a career?

Asked by Hobbes (7365points) April 4th, 2010

In a couple years, I intend to pursue acting and directing professionally, but will need another job to support myself. The job would have to be something flexible that doesn’t require a long-term commitment. Bartending is one possibility, as is waiting tables (though I’d rather not do that if possible). Any ideas?

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Some professional actors I know work as freelance, certified personal financial planners and do quite well.

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That’s pretty much it. Especially in LA. Most places aren’t going to hire you if you hand them a resume with your picture on it.

Because let’s face it, most companies (besides bars and restaurants) don’t want to hire someone who only cares about their schedule and “doesn’t require long term commitment”.

Would you if you were a business owner?

I’m in Los Angeles right now, and my building is fucking shaking bad. I just thought I’d share that!!!

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I was just fluthering while in an earthquake.

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You might also consider being a residential manager for an apartment building. Flexible hours, free or reduced rent, people-skills-friendly, etc.

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I used to work as an office cleaner. It’s “flexible,” meaning that I worked after the office was closed, and could complete the job anytime between 7pm and 6am, a few times a week. The job itself took 2–3 hours a night and I made a set rate of $55/night. (Your definitions of “flexible” and “well-paying” might be different from mine.)

Pros: Exercise, alone time, work own schedule.
Cons: Cleaning toilets (that were cleaned 2–3 days before), sometimes there’s heavy stuff to drag to the trash, people look down on you for being a janitor (even though you might make more money per hour than they do), weird hours.

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@mrrich724 That’s dedication! Maybe it should be called “Fluthercation”! How committed are you to answering the questions while the building falls down around your ears? Maybe we should have a new award for jellies like you who answer questions and “Fluther” in the face of extreme danger!~

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These are great ideas, guys, thanks! To be clear, by “well-paying” I just mean enough to pay rent and utilities and have a little left over.

@laureth – I imagine offices would be pretty sanitary too. Were you able to support yourself solely through that job or did you work more than one?

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@Hobbes – I also worked a second-shift “day” job 32/hrs/wk doing retail grocery. That’s why the “no customers” aspect of janitorial work appealed to me. I would pop in there at about midnight when I got out of work, and leave at 2–3AM.

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@laureth That sounds like a pretty nice arrangement. Thanks for sharing!

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It was a 6.9 in Mexicali, and I felt in in LA!

thanks for the props.

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Assuming you’re living in LA, consider working relatively fancy restaurants that are usually around Santa Monica. I have a friend who has met countless industry people just waiting on tables / bar tending (I think she knows Mike Judge). She makes good money off tips and manages to live up in West Hollywood. Places like this.

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Get a full size van and offer delivery service on craigslist. Make friends with engine manufacturers. Much of that delivery can be done at night.

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You could also be a bike messenger or process server for a legal delivery/process service company. Very flexible and good way to stay in shape and hang out with fellow creative types.

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Septic tank cleaner.

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@john65pennington That pays very well! Great idea.

I strongly suggest having your own business, which some of these ideas are. It doens’t matter what it is, as long as you are a good provider of services. I started my own business 8–9 years ago, and it has been a blessing in so many ways! I get to control my own hours, and don’t have to worry if I have a sick day.

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short-order cook in Las Vegas

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I actually expect to be living in Philadelphia or Minneapolis, since both have large live theater scenes.

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cleaning and repair

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@Hobbes in philly? become a waiter.

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Apparently hostesses make like $11 an hour.

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Crack dealer.

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House sitter, pet sitter, dog walker, newspaper or underground paper route, personnel assistant, errands, airport shuttle driver, limo driver

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professional gambler.

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