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Resources for understanding Alaska native American/tribal law?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) April 4th, 2010

Looking for online resources for working with Alaska tribal communities and Alaska Native Regional Corporations, particularly to determine what legal immunity protections they have in contracting with outside businesses.

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Just to run off of @dpworkin‘s link here’s an idea of how many tribes there are. Just click AK and have fun.

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You can go to specific tribal websites. On the websites they will have links to contact people working in the tribe. The website itself might provide useful. To find tribal website just google it. Ex: Lakota Tribal Website (not an Alaskan tribe).

Here is also a great website that lists tons of Native American Resources on the web by category. There is a “Legal” section.

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Thanks all. I’m specifically looking for guides, advice on doing business with Alaska tribes and villages. Can’t find anything on the BIA website regarding this.

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This Alaska Law Blog is old, but might help

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