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What is your favorite or most useful iPhone web app (other than fluther of course)?

Asked by Gabbigirl (56points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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horrorscopes(yes horror)
the cut list
the kegulator
oh yeah and fake Steve blog

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I dont think I know of any of those. I will have to check them out!! Yea.. Always on the lookout for good ones

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Google Reader. I subscribe to 38 feeds. I’m a news junkie.

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Facebook, Frenzic, Meebo, Digg

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sword drill

Maverick's avatar (where all the above can probably be found)

Also, this question gets asked every 2 days.

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sorry, I just joined today. :(

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JiveTalk The closest thing to iChat availible.

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iRovr is a social network for the iPhone. It’s growth has resulted in some issues similar to what we’ve experienced here on Fluther, but the core community is awesome—it’s very diverse, but remarkably respectful and kind.

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Facebook and Pocket Tweets.

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I use for tweets :D

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I have the Twitter application sitting right next to Pocket Tweets, but for whatever reason Pocket Tweets loads faster on my phone. . . . so, I use it. Pretty decent interface too.

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