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What is your religion?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) March 8th, 2008
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Ignostic Discordian

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a follower of the way

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Secular Humanist

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Non-religious… I guess I’m Agnostic though, if anything

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Agnostic leaning towards atheist at times.

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christian- non denominational

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A follower of Jesus Christ, the Son of God

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I was raised Presbyterian, but am an agnostic as an adult. I do believe there is something more to life, but haven’t found a religion that seems close to fitting what I feel.

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Church of Skatan

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secular Jew

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Religious Society of Friends.

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@eadinad: I was connected to a Quaker school and Meeting in Phila. for 14 years. Even being Jewish, I loved the regular weekly Thurs. Meeting for Worship in both lower and upper school. I try to encorporated the Friends’ Faith and Practice into my daily life. Where do you attend Meeting?

My two childrend and three step-sons attended the school (my ex was the Headmaster, BTW) and the Quaker influence has touched all of their lives in a permanent and powerful way…much more so than their college experiences at Harvard, Brown, Penn, Wesleyan.And they have enduring friendships from our school as well.

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I am with “gailcalled”

Secular Jew, raised “almost Orthodox”, drifted away into an interfaith marriage.

Children each seem to be going their own way.


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Children going their own way is a good thing, I think, it implies at least some thought about the matter.

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