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Can you solve this?

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) April 4th, 2010

I came up with a little something to see if people are a thinker or not. I even had trouble putting it together. Can you solve this riddle, how long did it take you? What did you think of it, did you have trouble? Here goes:

First is last, second is third, third is fourth, fourth is second , fifth is itself, sixth is third, seventh is first, eith is fifth and third. ninth is first.

The first is what you should pay attention to

984753 348507 284732 162534 478263 575493 737432 847539 648720 857304

Feel free to distribute it to people and see if they can solve it, in fact, please do!

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People are a thinker?

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If you wan’t the answer and how to solve it PM me and I can tell you. If there are no answers by tommorow evening I will put the andswer and how to solve it here.

@ShiningToast To see if people are thinkers, they use their brain and are good at solving problems.

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@XOIIO I know. You just need to monitor you own grammar, “grammar monitor”.

And what exactly do you want us to do, rearrange numbers? You aren’t all too clear.

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I’ve having the same problem. I don’t know what I’m solving for. What am I supposed to do?

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@ShiningToast True, But I rarely slip up.
you really need to think for this one. At the end it says the first is what you should pay attention to. There are number patterns, so pay attention to the first number. Then follow the other instructions. First is last, for exanple, means the the number pattern with the the first number( notice how each pattern (except for 2) start with a different number, so look for the last of the first, and so on and so on.

Maybe this is one of my wierd rants again.

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I forgot to mention, you are supposed to come up with a 10 didgit number. Can;t believe I forgot to put that in lol.

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Well sorry if you don’t like it.

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Either that or you obviously don’t live up to your name.

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@XOIIO In respect to your question I tried couple times and approaches but alas math,puzzles, and the like are one of my big downfalls oh well :( ......

I am still curious as to how you get to it and how it works.

I just realized there was 10 groups of numbers, and you ask for a 10 digit answer because at first like an idiot I tried to come up with some pattern of adding and subtracting for each set but I am guessing that can not be it since you only have 6 digits per group?

Also by looking at cazzies answer I think I understand how the trick works, when you say First you are referring to the group and literally telling the person where the next number would be last slot,third slot ,etc….I was actually switching the spots like an idiot.

Well done cazzie! least I kinda figured it out lol….with your answer of course :)

@XOIIO is cazzie correct? ( my guess is yes)

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Well. I still don’t know if my approach was the right one…

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scratches head..sigh

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34785494 9 Darn, Too many eights. I’ll keep playing for a bit.

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The last time I tried to post a brain teaser, it got pulled by the monitors because they said that brain teasers were no longer being accepted. Maybe I will have to use some name other than brain teaser.

I guess part of this one is figuring out what it means, which I guess is what makes it a riddle. There are ten patterns and you want ten digits, so that must be part of it. I will have to think about it some more.

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@Steve_A Cazzie was not correct.

@cazzie and @worriedguy Close, @worriedguy You are getting very close!

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@cazzie A bit of the pattern is there.

I’ll post the solution in a couple hours.

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OK the final code is 4457947379

How to solve:

Remember I said that the first number is what you should p-ay attention to.

First is last. First implies #1, so look for the last of the pattern that starts with a number one.

4 is the last of the first.

Second is third. Second is also a number, implying a 2. So, you look for the third of the second.


The third of the second is also 4

You continue like this for all the numbers, and each will give you a number. There are 2 codes that start with 8, so you have to guess wich one comes first in the sequence.

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There were so many ways to interpret that formula….

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“You continue like this for all the numbers, and each will give you a number. There are 2 codes that start with 8, so you have to guess wich one comes first in the sequence.”

‘guess?’ I don’t guess….. I SOLVE when given a puzzle… I call fail.

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So basically anybody coulda guessed an answer.

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@cazzie Yeah, this dude needs to clarify for sure.

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@cazzie This code would be for a electric door lock, so you could try one, and if it didn’t worrk, try the code with the numbers from the codes that start with 8 switched.

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@XOIIO If it was for a real door, the instructions would make sense.

And don’t make me correct your grammar again, grammar monitor.

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@XOIIO So wait….with this I can open or break into electric doors :O?

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@ShiningToast I am extremely tired, and was dizzy from breathing in gas fumes. maybe a tad delerious too, I’m not sure.

@Steve_A no, but if I had a door and wanted people to have to figure out a way in, this is how I would do it.

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