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OK I am about to admit defeat, diet help!

Asked by Just_Justine (6486points) April 4th, 2010

I have the opposite problem, I don’t eat enough. My normal day would consist of Oats for breakfast,skim milk sugar. Then nothing all day until dinner which was various low fat stuff with no carbs. Sometimes I would have a smoothie in the evening as I was not keen on eating.

I keep on picking up weight. I was on bipolar medication which made it worse. So I am told to eat more, every one is complaining I don’t eat enough, yet they also say I have picked up weight!

Last four days this is my diet.

lean chicken steamed, vegetables steamed, salad, which includes loads of cucumber, little tomato, onions bit of feta cheese. No salt added no additives on any meal. Only cayenne pepper.

No sugar, no fats at all (I used to eat olive oil but now have stopped it due to weight gain – plus only a little). Small amount of carbs meaning rice (about four table spoons) no fruit juice only a couple of fruits a day (2). Low sodium or no salt added. I weighed myself a day ago I had lost nearly 1kg I weighed myself today and I am the same as when I stared. I tried before to lose weight, and this included one hour a day of cardio plus weight training 7 days a week on the same diet above. I lost no weight. I changed shape a bit. I give up?

In general I don’t eat biscuits, sugar, fat, sodium, (only during pms!) no starch, very little carbs, no pastry, no cakes, it has been an ongoing joke with me trying to lose weight with people who watch what I eat. They find it hilarious that I never lose weight!! I really need help! (I have also been very tired lately).

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Don’t give up!

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Have a little sugar, if you can. I gain weight because of stress. If you’ve got more of a tummy than anywhere else it might be from the cortisol hormone that your brain releases when you’re stressed out. Keep at it! You eat much better than I do. :)

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you’ll make it. a womans body changes with hormones. You have a good diet there.

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Gosh that must be really hard going..have you had your thyroid checked and stuff like that… you seem to be eating very little to me and not to lose weight…well that does sound a little odd…I hope you get it sorted… How much do you have to lose? What weight are you? It is always possible of course that you don’t need to lose weight and your body is fighting that…

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This may be a stretch, but…I read an amazing book this past summer. From listening to your story, it sounds to me like your body actually may not be getting enough of the nutrition it is starving for, and has gone into starvation mode. Losing weight at that point is almost impossible, it’s programmed into the human body to keep us alive. Of course, that genetic programming dates back to when we were cavemen (and women), when famine was a real danger to survival.

Anyway, I know it sounds goofy, but I read this book as a diet book, and it changed my life in so many other unexpected ways. I recommend giving it a try, as it’s not at all expensive. It’s called “The Gabriel Method”, by Jon Gabriel. You can get it at bookstores, or online, or get a really good deal on not only the book, but associated (related) CDs that help you understand what he’s talking about, at his WEBSITE. I don’t know if you will find it as amazing as I did, but what have you got to lose? It’s an easy read.

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@nope can you give us an idea of what the Gabriel method is about?

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@lynneblundell I googled Gabriel method and there are many pages which regard it as a scam…But then there are other pages which don’t…

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@Just_Justine I admit to being at a complete loss over your diet as I know how at times it resembles what even a rabbit would turn its nose up to…there will be the perfect solution for you somewhere…and when you find it you should turn it into a book…it would be a best seller

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@cytonic_horus loll only you know how hard it is… I can’t give up though. Sigh!

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no you cant give up….it will suddenly happen and you will see you have lost weight…I personally don’t know why you have to lose weight but that is another matter…I can just see it on the shelves….“The Just Justine Diet”

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@cytonic_horus I just got off the phone from Deta, he is hysterical, with laughter, he says what “no” now. No wheat, no fat, no carbs, no starch loll. According to my on-line fitness test with the big V I am actually age 55! and obese. I give up!!

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well the big V is talking big S as you are in no way obese…you are miles away from being classed as obese…if you are obese then I must be overweight (and you know how I weigh the same as a wet fart)

As you basically eat nothing I’ve came to the conclusion the air you breathe must be doing it….your air must contain carbs, starch, fat etc….it’s the only thing that it can be!!

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Get a copy of “The Food Tree.” It explains why you body stores fat (thus you gain weight) and how to eat so that this does not happen. It is easy to follow and works very well. After a week or so you stop craving the wrong foods and can eat practically as much as you want of the good stuff.

Also it might not be a bad idea to have thyroid function checked.

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I also feel that you aren’t getting enough calories. If you don’t eat enough you won’t burn any. Better to eat well – and that includes fats- and exercise more. Not obsessively more- just enough to burn calories.

Your brain needs fat to function properly and that includes regulating bodily functions such as weight loss. You need carbs to metabolize proteins. It’s all about balance.

What is your BMR? If you’re eating too low you won’t lose fat you’ll lose bone mass and muscle. Here is a good base line calculator for BMR- minimum what your body needs to not starve.

Also, talk to your doctor because some medications can affect your blood sugar which can cause weight gain.

With regard to your workout regimen- your body must have days of rest. You lose weight/build muscle on the days when you don’t work out, not on the days when you work out. If you don’t put in enough fuel your engine will stop burning and shut down. Also if you eat too little while working out the same thing will happen- but quicker because your caloric needs are rising but you’re not meeting them.

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@gemiwing thanks I did the test it said I should eat 2 599 calories a day is that a lot? I’ve never counted calories before.

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@JustJustine- I’m going to send you a PM

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Have your thyroid function checked. It could be under active.

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Like others have said, you may be eating less than your body needs. The fact that you are tired means you probably don’t have all the fat and nutrients your body needs to fully function.
Are you drinking enough water?
Are you near your cycle? (can cause you to be tired and to bloat and add a few pounds)
I also agree that stress can be a big factor. I went though a period where I did everything right and put on weight like mad. I was tired all the time. It wasn’t till a few years later that I realized it was all stress related. I had given up smoking, was house hunting, my husband was retiring from the service and was starting a new job. Then when I got the home and my husband was settled, the city tore up my new lawn to put in pipes. They devastated it for 2 months. I was so tired and finally went back to smoking. Finally that stopped the weight gain. Probably because it helped lower my stress levels.
Another factor can be muscle gain. Muscles weigh more. If your body is getting leaner despite the weight gain than its probably muscles.
If all else fails see a doctor. Maybe he can change your medications to something that doesn’t require you to eat more.
You should have at least somewhere around 1600 calories a day.
I recently saw on a show that if a person ate 4/ 400 calories meals a day that it will help keep your body feeling adequately fueled all day and keep it from going into starvation mode. I have’nt tried it but it couldn’t hurt. Good Luck

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@Pandora yeah I am beginning to think it’s a stress thing it makes sense. i am going to see a dietician this coming week it may be cortisol.

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Ummm… you’re taking cortisol? Ufff…

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@cazzie I’m no expert but I do believe under stress cortisol is produced in high levels in the body. Which produces insulin or the other way around. I am—not taking—cortisol.

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Oh, right… yes… it actually counteracts insulin and increases water retention and encourages fat build up in the liver. But, still… have your thyroid checked. Under active thyroids are much more common than people think.

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You don’t mention how much of everything you eat. That is also part of the equation. 2600 calories per day is a lot for an adult who is not very active.
The US Department of Argriculture has a great site called It has all kinds of tools for counting calories and calculating your intake needs.
As a US taxpayer I figure I paid for about 0.001 cent of that site and I hereby give you permission to use it.
Enjoy. Don’t give up.

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@worriedguy I don’t eat 2600 a day loll, that is what my caloric counter said on the one site, due to my height I must eat. I don’t count because I eat mostly lettuce and cucumbers and very low calorie foods. I am actually very active, not on weekends though ;) I am battling with the USA sites as one said I should weigh 225kgs which is like four times more than what I currently weigh!! I am going to stick with the dietician. Because I am confused and so is everyone else. (with my strange body). My major issue is I don’t eat enough.

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Well,I think you can’t give up.Your diet is good enough.But don’t you need more exercise?Eating less and healthy is necessary,but you still to take exercise.Here’s another idea which I tried last year.You can preservative film to wrap around your body and then run on the treadmill .You will be sweating at every pore in a few minutes .By the way ,you can not do this too long ,it is bad for your skin.30 minutes is OK .

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The human body is such a complicated machine, that even the experts don’t know everything. Your body is unique, so you just have to keep trying till you find what works for you. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in my early 40’s and I have to factor that in when I try to lose weight. There is a balance that will work for you and you will eventually figure it out so don’t give up.

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@Just_Justine Please don’t tell me there is an American site that says you need to weigh 225kgs! That 500 pounds. (35 stone for you Brits.) Unless you are something like 3 meters tall, that is too much – even for us bacon eating, lard-toting Americans.

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@lynneblundell Sure thing…it’s sort of hard to describe, but I’ll try. It’s about making sure that your body gets the nutrition that it needs, and also communicating with your body so that it doesn’t think you have to be fat. That’s sort of it, in a nutshell, and I know it DOES sound nutty. But when you read it, and/or listen to it, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. There’s a lot of great information about what our bodies need to stay healthy, and also a lot of information on visualization, and meditation, etc. Like I said, I purchased it thinking it would be about a diet, but it’s really not, it’s much more.

@davidbetterman I know there are those out there who think it’s a scam. I don’t know if it is or not, but I do know that it wasn’t expensive by any stretch of the imagination, and I also know that Jon Gabriel, since I purchased the materiels nearly a year ago, has NEVER tried to sell me anything else, but I do get support e-mails that are interesting & informative. What I CAN say is, the information really resonated with me, and changed my entire outlook on how I look at food (and the kinds of things I now put into my body), and life, for that matter. So, I put it out there, just as an idea for @Just_Justine.

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keep going you will eventually, I noticed that you didn’t mention any excercise in your daily routine. Maybe try increasing a little on foods that will give you a bit more energy and go for some short energetic walsk to begin with, walking briskley then build up to longer walks, eventually you’ll be walking for longer than 20mins (recommended least amount I think) a day. I was amazed once I started walking, the wieght didn’t just magically diappear over night but slowly it is decreasing :)

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@sakura yeah I am going to. But I know from past experience, that weigh training and an hour of cardio did not help me lose weight. I did it for about six months I think. No change in weight. @cytonic_horus was witness to it all loll. But I do feel better when I work out, so its worth it. However I run all day at work, run here run there, steps all that. I am not desk bound.

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@sakura sorry I wasnt clear. I worked out 6 -7 days a week, some days strength training with massive weights, some days cardio for an hour, I’d say four days cardio for an hour then the other days ½ hour cardio then 45 mins weight training. I was also then doing circuit, swimming and spinning. As well as target classes.

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@Just_Justine yeah you really were putting in a lot of effort when working out but the right mix of’s not as if you were just focusing on one aspect you were changing it to work various muscles, cardio..the full works really…it would have been around 6 months but it didnt take 6 months for muscle definition to appear

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@cytonic_horus thats true actually, maybe I didn’t lose weight because I was muscular? was I very muscular? I don’t think I want muscles this time, I will rather do walk for life. More streamlined body?

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muscle ways more than fat you know

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@Just_Justine I wouldn’t say you were very muscular but you could define them and quite quickly as well so it could be that weight you were losing from one source was being put back on in the form of muscle….maybe an answer then is for it to be more on the cardio side of working out rather than weights?

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You need to exercise.

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