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What really grinds your gears?

Asked by Shuichi (316points) April 5th, 2010

Are there things you really cannot stand? For example, one thing I dislike is when my classmates are being disrespectful to a substitute teacher and lie about what the teacher lets us do in class. Or when you’re shopping and a parent cannot control his/her kid.. UGH! You know what I mean? Just leave a comment on what you dislike about something. :D

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Cigarette butts scattered about at the playground. lazy fu#ks

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People who think they know what they’re talking about.

People who try to show off their intellect by asking the professor leading questions, but are wrong. Stop wasting my lecture time.

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When people give me looks in the supermarket because my son is playing up

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People who take too many pictures of themselves like this.
When people don’t say thank you when I hold the door open for them.

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A lousy clutch grinds my gears…

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Holier than thou,I am color blind and without sin, internet jerks who always try to reprimand me for not meeting their high standards of political correctness !

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I agree with @Pretty_Lilly to a certain extent.

Also people that “know” everything about certain issues based on what they hear in the media, Breed Specific Legislation (the banning of so called dangerous dog breeds), very young girls wearing clothes with the Playboy bunny logo all over them, my list could go on!

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People who are oblivious to others. They think and act like they are the only ones on the planet. For example, they stand in the middle of the aisle and won’t move even after you say “Excuse me.” Or they just blatantly and proudly don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves.

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People who say ‘I’d hit that’ out of the blue. Most of the people who use that phrase will never, in fact, ever be asked to ‘hit that’.

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When I slip and don’t hold the clutch down.

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Abuse of temporary drive-out paper tags on automobiles. you know what i am talking about. i just love to get behind a vehicle with an expired temporary paper tag on it. i know that i am about to hear another excuse for this violation and i am ready. maybe one per cent of the violators are not at-fault. meaning their new license plates have not arrived and their paper tag has expired. i can understan this. i cannot understand people that use “whiteout” to change the expiration date on their tag. in most states, this is a criminal charge. the driver can be charged with a felony offense for changing anything on a driveout tag. i stopped one driver that was a preacher. he had his wife and three children in the vehicle and was on the way to church. his temporary drive out tag had been altered at least four times. he kept changing the expiration date of the paper tag. i could have(and maybe i should have)arrested this driver. i did not. instead, i issued him a traffic citation for a violation of the registration law.

This is just an example of one incident that grinds my gears. there are others.

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Calm down Peter Griffin…lol

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I hate guys that whistle at you when your walking down the street.

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@smokeweedeveryday Or cat calls. Holy hell. I want to kick them.

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@rangerr i know i thinks its also rude when they do it on front of your parents.

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I agree with ranger and smokeweedeveryday.

Guys nowadays are just jerks. :/

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Isn’t that funny. I like it when girls whistle at me or call out lewd remarks…

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…cutlery falling out of its holder on the draining board, back into the sink…..grrrrr

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Worn synchronizers.

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ants in my house….grrrrr

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