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Is iPhone really the ultimate phone???

Asked by lillady604332000 (119points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone

I think I’m ready for a new phone… But I can’t find any that are as good as the iPhone… any suggestions???

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I got my iphone a month or so ago and I don’t have any complaints.. Or maybe my only complains is that I spend too much time on it. I don’t know how it works for PC users, but it is so great with the Mac how it syncs to calander, contacts, itunes and all that so easily. While I can be endlessly entertained on my phone… the actual “phone” part of it is great too. And the visual voicemail is great for just listening to the voicemails you need to at the moment. Or going back and forth in the voicemail easily if you missed something or if someone is talking to much. Anyway.. all in all, I definitly recommend it. However it might depend if you want to change plans. Also I have read reviews that the Voyager from Verizon Wireless is better then the iphone. But I am a mac-nerd at heart so I’ll stick with my iphone.

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its the best I wish it had a flashplayer but its far ahead of any other phone

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Yes. Hands down.

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In short yes. And to add to what Gabbigirl said, a close friend of mine had the Voyager less than two weeks because he hated it so much and it couldn’t compare to playing with my iPhone.

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Once they get direct push e-mail to my corporate Exchange Server yes it will be the ultimate phone with the ultimate price tag.

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I did think of one thing I don’t like. You can’t send pic-messages. Wouldn’t be worth getting another phone that did have that to me. However I do miss it somethimes.

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they are going to push lots more than just email

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oneye, yes but not nearly as much as they could. The voice carriers have taken away so much potential. Imagine if apple allowed developers to write skype or similar for the iPhone. Goodbye cell minutes. But that ain’t gonna happen… :(

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I hear the net is going to a m4 format so we iPhone users will be able to watch feeds on sites

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iveould recommend waiting to get another phone until some of the newer updates come out this summer, I think we will all enjoy our iPhones THAT much more!!

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Apple announced that VOIP will be allowed on the iPhone, but only when you have a wifi connection. Skype and another company are writing the apps now.

Apple is not the enemy of your interests; AT&T is.

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I absolutely LOVE my iPhone. Now, with the release of the SDK, it’s only going to get better.

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squirbel. Can you cite a source for that info? b/c all I’ve read the last four days is how it won’t be allowed. I agree totally that the carriers are the enemy and not apple.

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Live coverage done by MacWorld at the SDK conference:

@11:27 during the Q&A time.

MacNN – iPhone Q&A shows VOIP, parental locks and more

Slashdotters are known to predict doom & gloom, that is an age-old habit.

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I love my iPhone, the only bad thing is you can’t take videos or picture messaging..

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I love my iPhone, but once I can view flash content on the web and send and receive MMS messages then it will be ultimate

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design and innovation wise as well as amount of features, it is the ultimate phone, I absolutely love my iPhone, when third party apps come out for it it will be even greater

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yes. it is the best. yes

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Absolutely the best available. I’d stop short of calling it “ultimate” but clearly its years ahead of anything else.

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I have always had a sony ericsson phone and love the video capability and was always considered my mp3 player. I wasn’t considering the iPhone until I got a hell of a deal from my friend and now I haven’t looked back

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ninja: I always had Sony Ericsson as well but Im glad to have the iPhone as well

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iphone is perfect, but technology isn’t ultimate.

i think better cell phones will appear in the future.

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