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Money, Quicken or something else?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) March 9th, 2008

Do you use Money, Quicken or something to manage your finances? What do you like about it? Should I use something like this? If so, which one—Money or Quicken—would you recommend?

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Buxfer! It’s freeeeeeeeeee! =)

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I’ve tried to use both Money and Quicken but they do just too much and take so much time to keep up to date. is good too.

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I already use and that’s why I didn’t look into Wesabe or Buxfer. Do you think these web-based products are better?

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They have potential, but I haven’t found one yet that can talk to every account I have. Mint has the best user experience, IMO.

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Like someone already pointed out, quicken is too complex for many peoples needs. I prefer simple like cha-ching for mac os.

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I am a quicken fan. Money is junk in my opinion

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