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If you hate your job, should you leave it?

Asked by marple123 (53points) April 5th, 2010

i’m overworked and stressed constantly and it’s not getting any better. what would you do?

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Not unless starvation appeals to you. If you have another job to go to – change jobs. Never leave one if it is your only source of income.

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Get another job before you leave this one. But now is the time to dust off your resume and start looking.

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Happiness is the key in my opinion, if you are not happy with what you are doing I don’t see any reason to leave the job and persue something better for yourself. Even if you make a little less money but it makes you happier that is OK. To be happy is the what we all strive for. I recommend though if you are going to quit and get another job do it quick because the way things are looking now, jobs will be few and far between in the coming future.

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To better suit your question, if you don’t mind informing us of your age and current situation as in do you have kids,married,obligations,family,etc….?

Basically the less you have tying you down so to speak, it will make it easier. I believe one should do as they feel is needed until they are happy. You may have to sacrifice, you know suck it up for the time being but if you want a new job. Do it and if anything try your best to have a back up plan or “cushion” may things go astray.

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I would never just quit a job out of an emotional response unless I already had one waiting for me. People tend to underestimate how difficult finding another job can be. So I would eventually leave it but I’d set out a game plan and just deal with it in the meantime. Does anyone depend on your income? You know how on shows someone will quit their job and their partner/spouse is all “oh that’s okay” well truthfully I’d be pissed he didn’t consult with me first. This is an even bigger issue if you have kids. My point – if you’re unhappy work to find a better situation but don’t react purely emotionally.

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Don’t leave unless you have something waiting on the other side. It is easier to find a job if you have one.

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find a new job first. one that is less stressful. maybe you could tell us what kind of job you have right now and what you really want to do.

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Now is a good time (the best in the past year) to look for a new job. Start looking and focus your energies on that to help you get through the days.

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If I was young enough, I would plan my escape. Meaning be great at the job I am at, in order to get a good reference, and look for another one. Never stay in a job you hate, but do find one to replace it. Good luck.

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Stick it out. Its to hard to find a new job right now. Grin and bare it. or is it bear it. idk do one fo those.

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Thanks for all your answers. I’m 31 and have a management role. I was promoted recently and head up a brand new department. It’s been a huge leap for me and I get limited support from the organisation. My rent is super cheap and I have no children. I have some debts but they are manageable. I wouldn’t ever leave until I have another job but i earn a reasonable amount at the moment and it could set me up nicely for my future however the job does make me miserable. I keep having waves of emotions where I try and keep focussed and positive but then I get dragged down. I’m back at work tommorow and I have so much to do it makes my stomach churn and my chest gets tighter. I guess my real issue is should I quit and lose this chance, or keep at it and be potentially happier somewhere else. I’ve never had this responsibility before so It may just be that, but I have honestly never felt like this about work before and I’m beginning to think there is something seriously wrong.

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@marple123 – you’re not alone. i’m actually in the same situation right now. i figured it’s all about being happy. i mean, there’s the huge pay and the good position but if it stresses you out and just the thought of going to the office makes you wanna puke, there’s no point staying.

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Well, first off, remember just because it sucks doesn’t mean it will be better somewhere else and with the economy where it is, finding the right job (or any job) might be much more difficult than you think.

With that said, if you can afford it (and think very very carefully about whether or not you really can), quit. I’ve taken to heart some of the best advice was ever been given: if you wake up in the morning and dread going to work, it’s time to go mow the lawn. It’s not always easy, but for me at least, has made me a great deal happier.

Either way, good luck, and let go of some of that stress, it’s not worth holding on to.

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Being in an icky job, can make your life miserable. Those good jobs make every day easier to wake up and boogie.

Look now. What do you love? management? something new?

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I love cooking, meeting people, making people laugh and giving them advice. Looking after people/nurturiing them. Researching new projects/designing events. Being creative. I do like the lighter side of life. I believe you live longer if you laugh hard, and that’s not something I’ve done for a while now. Management is about problems for me, it’s probably different elsewhere but in my current role it is impossible to solve a lot of things as the organisation’s culture is condusive to change. Boy Oh Boy is it lonely at the top. That’s my issue really, I need people to bat ideas off and laugh with – is that too much to ask at work?

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Look for work now. Use your frustration as a driving force. The ultimate revenge is putting in your two weeks. It’s liberating to get paid by your current job to look for a new job.

Remember, your job doesn’t care about you, only money. Show them they are wrong.

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i forgot to mention i have to give three months notice – trappped or what!!!!!!!!!

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Take a vacation, I’m sure you’re entitled to it. In my organization, everyone that has vacation leave benefits are required to use them. Nobody can opt-out of vacation time. It is provided so that employees can relax and recharge, addressing the stressful state you may be experiencing.

As for the managerial responsibility, take things in stride. Step back and take a look at the picture. You may be attacking your chores in an inefficient manner. Seek suggestions on how to go about things. Obviously you are green to being a manager and may be anxious about failing your responsibilities. There is no shame in asking for 3rd-party perspectives in assessing your work goals and actions.

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In this economic climate, unless you have someone to help support you, it would be a lot easier to change your attitude than to change jobs. There is no guarantee your next job would be any better, even assuming you could find another job. Here in our area, there are 100 applicants for every job opening.

Find ways to improve from within – it might require some creative thinking on your part. Do some research online about how to improve your working conditions, and how to be a good manager. There are a lot of great tips and ideas.

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They cannot legally require 3 months notice.

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Start working on making a change. Don’t spend eight hours a day on a job you hate. Years down the road you will regret it.

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