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Does anyone knows of a good permanent sealer we could put on a linoleum floor instead of wax?

Asked by grumpyfish (6630points) April 5th, 2010

So one of our kitchens (we live in a duplex, and are renting the bottom half to the inlaws) has a really awesome inlaid linoleum floor. We’re guessing 50’s, but not sure.

The classic treatment on linoleum is wax—we tried a self-cleaning low-buff wax, but any kitchen drips or messes stain the wax permanently (you can buff them out with more wax, but that’s complicated).

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good permanent sealer we could put on the floor instead of the wax?

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According to experts, linoleum must be protected with a water-based sealer/finish.
Linoleum is easily affected or damaged by hot water and strong alkaline cleaners, especially ammoniated ones in addition to the obvious factors like solvents and oils.

Commercial products include The LinoBase sealer by JohnsonDiversey which is a permanent sealer to protect new linoleum and restore damaged linoleum, providing uniformity and color rejuvenation. Protects linoleum floors from chemical damage and forms an ideal base for floor finish topcoats.

Accolade Floor Sealer from Franklin Cleaning Technology
Metalist Floor Sealer
A.T.S. Acrylic Tile Sealer

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Save up for tile, 18” preferably with no grout lines and they can put a sealer on it so you never have to use anything but water to clean it.

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