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What do you think of the Donovan McNabb trade?

Asked by marinelife (62276points) April 5th, 2010

Is it good for the Redskins? Is it good for the Eagles?

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Good for the Eagles in that it gives them 4 picks in the top 75 (at least that’s the last I saw). They’re also in a good position to see if their QB of the future (Kolb) is able to step in while hanging on to Vick with, I would assume, the idea of getting him some more time and increasing his trade value and as insurance for Kolb, though both are dicey with this being the last year of his contract.

Good for the Redskins in that they solve, at least in the short term, a big need at QB and now can use their 1st round pick to take a left tackle which they need more than anything. It also allows them to trade Campbell, maybe for a low 2nd (reach) or mid 3rd round pick, and they could certainly use another pick or two this year. Also McNabb is a solid with around 60% completions and is used to reading short and mid-range routes quickly, something the Redskins haven’t had in a while. With Shannahan’s system they should be focusing more on building a consistent running game (they’ve picked up two backs so far) which will hopefully offset the fact that McNabb has only had 1 complete season in his last 6 and keep him standing and effective for 16 games.

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McNabb is getting up there in years as football players go, so I can understand trading him for draft picks, especially when you’ve got Michael Vick still playing backup (what are the odds he becomes the starter before the season is out?), but I think they let him go awfully cheap. A second round pick this year and a 3rd or 4th round pick next year for a QB of McNabb’s caliber? I would have asked for more. On the other hand this may free up some room for them under the salary cap to retain other good players or offer more to new players.

For the ‘Skins, this is fantastic, they need a real shot in the arm and McNabb could be it.

For McNabb, this is a bad deal for his career. He’s expected to be a hero and turn around the Redskins, which rarely works out. There’s a pretty good chance he’ll never see another super bowl and very little post season time in general. But maybe he makes a lot of money and can blame his later years’ playing decline on the franchise.

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Good analysis, @wonderingwhy and @Snarp! Kolb played in one game last year (that I can recall) and he looked very sharp. He is more accurate, I think, than McNabb. His passes, anyway, looked prettier, for what that’s worth. Three years of training under the Andy Reid system should make him very effective.

I don’t know why, but McNabb never seemed to get the support here in Philly that other star quarterbacks get. He brought us to the playoffs, and deep into the playoffs for many, many years—a stronger run than all but the best of teams. But, no superbowl. So fans—many of them—got tired of him. I have to wonder if fan pressure through the sports radio stations influenced Reid’s decision.

Reid does have a preference for keeping the team young. McNabb is prone to injury. I guess it’s not unexpected. I, also, think the trade seems uneven, but what do I know? I have no idea how good second and later round players are. I think Reid places a lot of trust in his scouting system. I don’t know his record on draft picks, though.

Why do you ask, @marinelife? Do you follow the Eagles?

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@wundayatta I lived in Philadelphia for 10 years and have been an Eagles fan for a long time.

I now live in the Washington D.C area and watched a dismal Redskins season last year.

I think McNabb still has some juice left in him. As long as the Redskins fix the offensive line problems, I think he should bring them some of the instant credibility they want.

I am glad to hear what you say about Kolb. I don’t think MIchael Vick is the answer.

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I think that McNabb is overrated, but so is most of the rest of the lot. I’m just glad he is not in Minnesota. I’d rather put up with Favrewatch ‘10 and ‘11 than watch McNabb don purple and a pair of horns.

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@ZAGWRITER Be careful what you wish for!

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Ah! I haven’t been keeping up on football news and thus this is the first I’ve heard of the McNabb trade. Wild. I never thought I’d see him in a uniform other than Philly! It makes me a little sad because I like the Eagles (somehow. shockingly, since I’m a Steeler fan) and he was a big part of why. The Redskins are meh. I have little interest in watching their games unless they’re playing a team I like, maybe that’ll change now.

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It will be interesting to see McNabb against Kolb, which will happen twice every year they are still quarterbacks of their respective teams. A big test for Kolb. Everyone will ask him if he feels extra pressure and he’ll say it’s just another game and he visited McNabb before the game and they were best buddies because McNabb taught him so much. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I think the big question about Kolb is how he will perform under pressure. Although he did play New Orleans last year, I don’t think it was considered such a big game that early in the season. We’ll see.

I think we’ll see the use of the pass go up even more under Kolb, as if the level under McNabb weren’t already super high.

Finally, I expect someone will provide a full explanation of why Kolb is pronounced Cobb, and not as it is spelled. Sigh.

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Mcnabb sux. Him and Favre need to hang it up. The Eagles should have just fired him and the NFL should ban him from ever playing football again. He has been taking too many crybaby lessons from Tom Brady, who also needs to be banned from Then NFL

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2009 Stats:
Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Sck SckY Rate Att
267 443 60.3 3,553 8.0 22 10 35 264 92.9 37

Yds Avg TD FUM Lost
140 3.8 2 10 3

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I dont care about Mcnabb’s stats. I cant stand him and that is all there is to it. If you want to know who my favorite quarterback was then you can ask me. Not sure I am too fond of any that currently play.

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@jbran bradshaw?

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My favorite was and still is Joe Montana.

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@jbran that was my second guess! damn.

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Lol. Well you were saving the best guess for last. :)

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