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what is the net missing?

Asked by scrappy (23points) March 9th, 2008

I am bored at teh moment and was using stumble to surf through the net. there are soo many amazing web sites out there. but i was wondering what the net is missing. so I figured I’d ask the online community of Fluther and see what we can come up with. so in your opinion what is missing from the internet? what could make it better?

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A social network that actually works, is usable, doesn’t get filled with spam and crap and uses its platform to share and collaborate through a series of web-based, free applications that allow the creation and editing of Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Videos and Databases without the need for native software.
In short a website that allows you to control all your communication and collaboration without leaving the site or having to find any other information. Google and Microsoft are almost there with Google Docs/Gmail and Sharepoint, but we have a long way to go yet.

A website that gives Taggable information mashed from a Wikipedia type encyclopedia with a multi-layer map of the entire information network, allowing users to research graphically and follow stems from topics in a logical and progressive way.

A website/mobile application that uses a Mapping program and GPS to locate the user and deliver information based on what the user is seeing, comparing or discussing. Much like a pokedex. This sytem also uses barcodes to shop online. It uses Tags on everyday objects or locations to customise the information to what the user needs, if you are standing between a starbucks and a competing coffee house, it compares the prices and menus.

An MMO/Second Life type system that works, has real objectives and uses the world as seen in Google Earth to facilitate meetings, long distance education and political discussion in a realistic setting.

The complete digitisation of archives and television for searching in a enormous, user friendly and graphic user interface operated library online.

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higher standards for grammar and a way for users to understand basic net etiquette, like a “driver’s ed” for internet communication. The Internet seems to be the only “place” where people tolerate laziness in language/expression and unfortunately these habits (for some) trickle into other aspects of life on the “real world”...I’m a college professor, so you can imagine the problem I see when college-level expectations and standards are demanded of students of this “net generation”. Many youth are simply not up to the task, and that’s a real problem.

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@sndfreQ: Let us spray!

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If I knew the answer, I would build a website for whatever it is missing and then become a millionaire

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@gail….WAAAAY too long with the cat. =^^=

don’t even let Milo hear you think that

(back in a good mood thanks to your comment)

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