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does anyone under the age of 70 use the expression "gals"?

Asked by wired (4points) March 9th, 2008
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I do but only when I’m being an idiot, not in proper conversation…

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no, not at all

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Yeah sure!!! That gal had it going on and had a nice set of stems to boot

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I do when casually addressing a group e.g. “you guys and…” I figure that it is less insulting to ladies than calling them “guys” and probably better than “dolls” or “chicks”

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I have many friends over 70; no one uses “gal.” And I certainly don’t.

@rip: congrats. for the charming compliment and original turn of phrase, BTW.

(Why am I wasting my breath?)

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I do and I am still in high school

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