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Grad school programs revolving around logistics in developing countries?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (673points) April 5th, 2010

I’m currently a logistical coordinator for a non-profit walk-a-thon for a very worthy cause, but my real interests lie overseas. I want to use my logistical know – how to help NGOs and organizations working towards positive community development in developing countries. Whether it be in disaster situations or just providing the logistical support to assist in the movement of services to those in need, I think this sounds like a satisfying vocation. Do you have any idea if there are any graduate programs out there that specify in such a field? Is a masters of public administration the way to go or is there something better suited towards these goals?

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A masters in public administration is a whole different thing. Don’t do that.

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There are logistics (supply chain management) graduate degrees. The military (Army) is also an excellent training ground to learn logistics of the type you are describing. Disaster response is actually an element of the public health discipline, although logistics would not be the primary focus.

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The best way to help a community in a developing country is to move there and talk to people. Do you really need a master’s degree for this?

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