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Why are Louis Vuitton handbags all the rage when every single one of them has the exact same pattern?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) April 5th, 2010

I’m assuming they’re at least well crafted but every single bag has the exact same design. I though fashion was supposed to be about a unique style that reflects your individuality.

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I have no idea. I think they’re ugly, honestly. I don’t think of them as fashion exactly, more like Look How Much Money I Have To Buy This Purse. Lots of fashion is more looking like everyone else in your chosen in-group.

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I agree…no draw for me.

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Brand power.

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Because it brings upon indirect and direct bragging rights.

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Shallow people are into that sort of tripe.

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because people with lots of money like to spend money on things that could’ve been bought for a lot less.

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Snob appeal is a sufficient explanation.

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So that other people know you have enough money to buy one (and no imagination to think of anything better to spend it on).

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hahaha you are so right man

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They are a symbol of status and “class”. I personally dislike Louis Vuitton.

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I don’t understand the appeal either. I think they’re ugly, and not just ugly but annoyingly, aggressively ugly. If someone gave me one, I wouldn’t use it.

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@Jeruba I hear in some areas, real estate agents will accept a Louis Vuitton handbag as a down payment on a home.

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In that case I would give it to a real estate agent. It’s always nice to know that someone else can put your castoffs to good use.

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You know, Louis Vuitton makes man-bags. I would love to have one of those…


This one is nice. Only $1570!

And they certainly do not all look the same. I just looked around their website. You’re probably thinking of the “monogram” style ones. They make a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t have that pattern.

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i kinda take offense to some of this… i don’t like most louis vitton bags but there are a few that i absolutely adore – just like any other brand, sometimes they put out nice things. especially the vintage ones, just like any vintage no name.

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Vuitton isn’t so popular anymore here. Its all about status quo.
American people that like Louis Vuitton are usually ridiculous, anyway. They can’t even pronounce the name properly.

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They are really ugly plastic bags; I’ve never understood why people bought them. I like nice leather bags but couldn’t care less about the name on it.

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@thriftymaid Theyre leather.. lol
You don’t pay hundreds of dollars just for the name.

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But they do have several classical patterns: Daimler, Monogram, Cherry Blossom :)

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@meagan I received one as a gift from the store at Lenox. It was stiff like plastic. Admittedly, since I thought it was ugly I didn’t pay much attention to it and I did not accept the gift because of the cost. They also make canvass bags.

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Your getting mixed up between fashion and style. If they weren’t all the same how would everyone know it cost 800 bucks!??

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I couldn’t care less about that sort of thing.
I did get a bag like that once, a hand-me-down from a relative.
It was pretty ugly, but it did make a nice sturdy tool bag for the trunk of my car.

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I’d be curious for an answer from someone who likes them.

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I have no idea. Either some people have no taste and go with the current fad thinking they may look like they have espensive taste, or they just want to show off. I think a lot of designer bags hideous Some of these bags feel like your walking around with a bill board. Slap your name on it and its awesome. People pay enormous amount of money for purses made over seas and probably cost less than 5 bucks to make.
Ugly and expensive and cheaply made. I don’t get why people feel its something to brag about. To me it just says sucker!

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The bags have the same pattern, but they are not all the same style. It is purely a status thing. Of course they are made well, but mostly the person who owns it wants a Louis Vutton. Coach is the same. Actually, in fashion many times people who know fashion know who makes what even if it does not say it on the outside, so it is kind of moot to people who are in the business or really care about fashion anyway.

Personally, as far as the luggage goes, I travel with moderately priced, inconspicuous luggage. I really don’t want anyone pegging my bag as one that might have expensive things inside.

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@DominicX You are so cute.

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I also think they are ugly, I would never spend so much on a handbag.

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Look at me look at me and my fashionable purse!
No don’t talk to me just look at my expensive purse
ok yuou can speak, tell me how envious you are of my hand bag?

personality who needs a personality? i have a $500 purse….you better take your intelligence and personality and get out of here before i call the cops.

wait you didnt say how much you liked my purse!

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I have an old one- they are really well made and have really good strong zippers. mine has been out in the weather for weeks, run over on an unmade road, been through the washing machine. I use it as a travel bag.

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Fashion was supposed to reflect individuality?

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@JackiePaper That seems a little mean. Not everyone who has money and likes designer things is shallow and stupid. You can be smart, rich, hard working, have integrity, and also appreciate fashion. It’s the people who cannot afford it, but still buy it, and bankrupt their families that maybe are questionable, that I would agree with.

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i marked JLeslie great answer.

you are right i was being stereotypical but I calls it as I sees it.
a slut walking around with a $300 plus purse is dumber than a sack of hammers.
there are people starving in the world…..who cares my egos in good shape…..just look at my purse!

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guys are idiots too because they buy ladies those purses to shut them up while hes out banging more attractive women with even fancier purses

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@JackiePaper Women can’t afford an expensive bag without help from a man?

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@JackiePaper LOL, it frightens me a bit thinking that you believe any of that.

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@DominicX Only $1,570? Dude.

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@bob_ My sister-in-law sells bags that are $20K. Hermes. Most are between $2K and $5K The world of the rich is another world.

Here is the website, this bag is around $7K

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Good reason: Quality materials and craftsmanship.
Bad reason: Status.

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@JLeslie $20,000????????? That’s just recockulous!

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@Axemusica I think it was crocodile.

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It’s “The Emperor’s New Handbag”. They are not attractive to me.

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I’s not about being different or unique, it’s about getting noticed for having money or fitting into the “in” crowd. You obviously have money if you can afford to pay $1500+ for a purse or very foolish if you don’t and you do.

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