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Can you translate this Latin text and/or tell me where it comes from?

Asked by se_ven (789points) April 6th, 2010

I have this draft of a pricing sheet that will be used for external marketing and it looks like some latin filler material is used until the final wording is inserted. I did some brief Googling to see if I could find a good translator but couldn’t quite grasp the entire translation. I have a feeling it is from some literature or something.

Here is the text:

“Utilitas suis infeliciter conubium santet Pompeii, semper concubine frugaliter fermentet verecundus rures. Agricolae verecunde praemuniet cathedras, ut saburre agnascor quadrupei, etiam pretosius umbraculi deciperet suis.”

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It might be lorem ipsum text.

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Well, it’s not the standard lorem ipsum, but it surely serves the same purpose. None of which helps you with a translation.

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Might be hard to figure out, isn’t latin like a dead language?

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@slick44 Might be hard to figure out, isn’t latin like a dead language?

No, it is alive and kicking and tormenting small boys in both private and Church schools.

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Very interesting @morphail and @Snarp !

After reading @Snarp ‘s link I think it is definitely lorem ipsum, and the funny thing is this piece of paper was sitting on my desk for quite some time before I realized the text wasn’t English. I just thought it odd that the words I could kind of identify (concubine, infeliciter, etc.) made it seem like a little risque…

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Huh… the whole point of lorem ipsum is to have non-words that look like words but aren’t really.

That text is chock-full of real words.

Where, oh where, is @gailcalled?

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you might ask someone at this site… that sure looks similar to me.

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@DarkScribe .. ya I guess you got me there.

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Wow… after a quick google search, it looks like it shows up in some interesting places.

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Gail is on her way out the door; Agricolae means farmers, etiam = also:

Trying to translate this to make any sense seems very difficult.

Try this link;

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If it’s being used for typeset filer, then it is lorem ipsum text.

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they are real Latin words… But I can’t get the whole thing… something about the modest worker of the land… quadrupei is a four legged animal… the word verecundus can mean modest, or shy…or even shamed… and it shows up in two forms in the text…
then there might be something about something being deceptively unripe? I don’t know.. I’m kind of guessing a bit .

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