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How much power will the next president of the United States have to actually cause a physic, noticeable change in the average citizen's life?

Asked by neonez (389points) March 9th, 2008

Are we going to see all that much of a difference between Obama and Clinton? What do you think about all of this talk on “change”?

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absolutly none

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all the difference in the world

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I will copy-paste what I wrote to someone else who asked why I supported Senator Obama, when all he was going to do was to tack on a socialist healthcare/education financial burden to the already messed up economic system.

Near the end you will see what “change” really is. It is the people, the Americans who will change.

“I see what you mean. There are times I feel the futility of our government, and wish we could fire everyone and start over. Everyone is so corrupt.

In the same vein – sure – there are underlying issues that ought to be addressed before tacking on healthcare and education. The pharmeucetical industry has a grip on this country’s finances that we cannot wrench ourselves from. The oil industry, entertainment industry, and every other industry. They call it free market capitalism, but it is really a corportacracy. They make the laws by paying to get them passed.

It may sound like I am off-topic, but your idea of fixing the financial woes is as futile as my desire to fire every bureaucrat – we only have the choice to move forward with what we have.

I see the act of having the government subsidizing healthcare and education as a step in the positive direction of knocking the cogs out of the current system of financial workings. Couple that concept with Senator Obama’s staunch refusal to participate in special interests (corporate industries) – and you have the workings of a revolution of the American people. We are American, and will not be oppressed by financial burdens (taxes corporations skip out on, predatory lending for the sake of lining a pocket, expensive healthcare) or by a government that tells us what to do. We are the government. This is the core of Senator Obama’s message.

He is for the people. More people have gotten involved in politics than ever before – before it was disgusting and just something you didn’t talk about if you wanted friends. People are not just drinking Obama Kool-aid. They are waking up. They are realizing “I am a citizen and I want some fcking control back.”

If Obama is seated, everything wonderful will not happen at once in his 4 years. What WILL happen, though, is that the average American will be more civic-minded, and have an ally in the highest seat. This will last, because the majority of us are young – and I, for one, reject the methodologies of my forefathers.

There are problems – but only two ways to fix them – toss the baby out with the bathwater or tear the house down brick by brick to get the elephant in the living room out.”

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We, the people have always had the power and the control of the government and the people in it. That power is called the Constitution of the United States. The only change is not within our government, includeing whoever is elected president, to make any changes and if they did what would they change, the Constitution because they will not change the 545 people that are directly in charge of running this country which is CONGRESS not some red-neck President. BUT, the problem is these 545 people are directly,legally, morally, and individually responsible for the Domestic problems that plague this country. The only change has to be within this group of people and IT has to be WE the People that do it because they are not going to change themselves. I don’t care if Obama, Hillary, or some beach-bum gets the presidency because NONE will buck the “Powers that Be” and that power isn’t US because Americans have fell back to letting someone in government run their life for them. Sports and a backyard Bar-B-Que is more important then guarding ones own Freedom. Myself, it is way past time to “tear the house down brick by brick to get the GOVERNMENT in MY liveing room OUT”. Freedom isn’t Free and because no one has been watching the back door of our Government, Freedom is almost gone. If there is going to be a change in this country it is going to have to be BY the people not some elected official. THAT elected official can’t change a thing UNLESS WE LET HIM/HER do it and as I see it, the only change these scumbags for officials will make is for what is good for them NOT US. Check this out,, and read the archives. Also, there has not been a legal law passed since 1912. Keep your guns handy cause before the government is done with US we will need’um!!!

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none…...its all bull !!! Mccain will in some strange way win this , after all Bush has/had a plan. We all voted for the Dems but OMG look who won. Just, just like last time . Venting because I really think it will be a stolen election AGAIN!!!

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IT is called “VOTE SCAM”! It is done by useing the Diebold, programable, voteing machines already in use by many of the states. Even BUSH jr. has never been legally elected because the vote there has NEVER been confirmed. There is 545 people out of 300+ million that is running this country for US. We hire these flunckies by electing them to run OUR country. It is our job to make sure they run it OUR way and if they don’t Fire them, throw them out, get rid of them. That is the power WE the People have under the Constitution of the United States. WHO has the guts to complain besides me? Go for it!!

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