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How do I obtain a MN state issued ID Card with only a Birth Certificate as form of ID verification?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) April 6th, 2010

I have recently lost both my ID and Social security card

To get my SC Card I need an ID, as far as I know to get an ID I need the SC Card and Birth Certificate, I only have the Birth Certificate

What can I do?

And do you think it would be possible to get my ID in time for a 21 plus party by next wed. The 14th

It’s important for my carrier that I make it to this party as I will be meeting an important client there

I know I’m going to get carded so any help would be great


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Not sure if you can, check your local DMV. Here in Maine, in order to get your Driver’s License you have to have your SS card, your birth certificate and another form of picture ID- either an old license, Tribal ID or passport.

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Do you have a voters registration card? Perhaps a firearm owners permit? Passport? Perhaps some other form of ID is acceptable.

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Go to your local SS office if you need a new security card. I doubt you are going to get that in time to get ID if all is required is your birth certificate and SS card. Again, you need to check state laws as they differ.

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It says on the DMV website that they will accept a certified copy of your school transcripts as secondary id. Check this site.

You should go ahead and apply for the social security card, but that won’t float in the mail for a while I imagine. I think with your school records and birth certificate you’ll be able to get your ID replaced before the ss card comes though. That is if you are able to get some school records.

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thanks every one

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If you were already issued a State of MN ID card before, then all you need to do is order a duplicate ID Card.

How to Get a Duplicate License /State ID
If your current driver’s license/State ID is lost, damaged, or destroyed, apply for a duplicate license/ID.

Go to any driver’s license office. The fee for a duplicate license/ID is $13.50.
The office will use the driver’s license/State ID photo on file to verify your identity. If they cannot verify your identity or your name has changed since your last application, you will need to provide additional identification.

Is that easy enough?

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