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Why do some people directly misquote or manipulate what a person has said in order to validate their point?

Asked by ucme (50031points) April 6th, 2010

You may or may not have experienced this at some time in your life.If you have did the person in question exacerbate a situation for you or were they found out as a trouble making insignificance?

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What do you mean by trouble making?

Are you being racist?

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Because they think that the ends justify the means or they are incapable of logic as adjusted humans understand the practice.

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They want so badly to “prove” their point they make even the most feeble attempts, which may include misusing a quote. Then again, the person they’re quoting may not like that they have been painted in a bad light by the quote, which may drive that person to backpedal and say they didn’t mean it “that” way.

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Many people have a “win-at-all-costs” mentality.

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Because people hate being wrong.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Ha Ha, yeah something along those lines,the manipulation not the racism I hasten to add.

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They crave to connect to other people and be under stood. They express the closest thing to their opinion to get that rush of human connection, heart, and expression. Sometimes there is an ugly side to self expression and human connection where people will get forceful and negative in order to make that connection.

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You answered your own question: to validate their point.

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@Dr_Dredd and @goose756 agreed.

There were times when certain people have made statements that I KNEW were faulty – I would try to gently correct them only to be sarcastically/arrogantly denied immediately and they would rehash their point. Let’s just say it’s very handy having an iPhone – I was able to quickly get on the internet, find a credible source, discredit their entire statement/claim and stop them dead in their tracks =D. Usually, this appoints the person as the laughingstock by others listening. The look on their face is like “Woauh?...”

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Oh! Ooooo! I know this one! Because they’re fucking idiots who lack strong argument and point making skills, or they’re fucking idiots who have no arguments at all to back them up! Thank YOU!

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I do it just to mess with my friends. No harm intended.

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as used on other posts: a clearcut display of aggressive stupidity

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Because sometimes it’s easier to discredit the other person and inflame attitudes against them rather than defending and justifying your own position. You see it in politics all too often.

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Because they feel they don’t need to be proven right, they merely need to prove the other guy wrong. Then they believe they win by default.

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@Seek_Kolinahr A commonly observed phenomenon. This probably results from the erroneous belief that the issue has but two sides—theirs and ours.

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They lack integrity and have no regard for ethics.

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