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How can you cover pores and marks on your face with makeup without wearing so much foundation

Asked by icthruu2003 (6points) March 9th, 2008
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Well, I wouldn’t try to cover the pores, you should try to make them smaller by using a pore reducing toner. Neutrogena makes a good one. Plus, I used Bare Essentials powder which has a great concealer without using liquid foundation. Lots of make up companies are coming out with their own version of mineral powder. I’d go with something like that. They really cover well. You can also check out fade creams that can work on scars, darker spots like freckles and sun damage. Hope that helps!

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she’s right. mineral makeup is great.

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dermatologist could help

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I would echo buster (which is so pleasant to do, al last). I have been going to dermatologist for years to have little unsightly “things” removed from face and hands – there are a number of safe and relatively comfortable new techniques – perhaps dermabrasion or cryofreezing (liquid nitrogen) if the marks aren’t too deep.

Of course, insurance won’t cover anything that is cosmetic…only pre-cancerous stuff.

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mineral makeup is the way to go

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I’m a special fx make up artist so I use stage make up it covers really well you could use stage make up as a concealer bit its thick so you’d use less that regular make up but I find it works well as a concealer for me. just powder it and your good! The brand I use is ben bye

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yes start with your pores. Then use sheer cover. It covers birthmarks, freckles and also plays hide the new zit!!!!

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After you’ve minimized your pores, another option aside from mineral makeup, is a light-reflecting tinted moisturizer. It’ll give you light comfortable coverage, even out your skin tone, and round out any marks you may have without looking makeupy, or feeling cakey.

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I agree with figbash..a tinted moisturizer works really well!

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I use a special concelar on the problem areas: dermablend. It’s excellent, and I don’t have to cover my whole face.

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