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Photobucket freezes when ever i upload a picture!

Asked by justanswerthequestion (106points) April 6th, 2010

How Come? It jpg
I tried making it smaller online but that froze too I dont get it? What is wrong with my picture

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Need more info. Is this the first time you’ve used photobucket? If not, how long have you had this issue? Can you upload any other pictures without a problem?

It will probably resolve itself shortly or after you close and re-open your browser, or after you restart your computer.

this part is called ‘trouble-shooting’. don’t worry, it’s not as troublesome or violent as it sounds

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Make sure the size of the photo is within the required limits. If you are trying to upload a 25 MB image (yes, I have some that are this big), it will definitely freeze.

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Try making the file size smaller locally using a photo editing software on your computer.

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I did it thank you :))))

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