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Calming down back spasms?

Asked by gailcalled (54631points) February 4th, 2007
I've had periodic episodes all adult life due to scoliosis. As I age, it is harder to rehab. Does PT make sense? I have tried to fix problem on my own, but haven't done well. Am on a 2-week course of anti-inflammatory and was told by Doc to stop treadmill and/or hour walk. Elastic brace helps but is really uncomfortable. Help.
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have you tried acupuncture>
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Yup. She was a Chinese pro and her advice was; "You go talk someone (meaning therapy) and you go swim..Did both. Heated nearby pool is now a motel...I think that I will go to physical therapy and get some massages and some safe exercises, plus a sched. for restarting walking program.
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Acupunture was a good experience, however...just not the right one. Thanks for the thought,.
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the heated patches that adhere and last for hours help me. get them at the local drug store
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tell me more. how big and what name? Thx

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