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What is "back scoop" surgery?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) April 6th, 2010

I know it’s a cosmetic surgery that removes a large portion of your back, at least according to Heidi Montag, but what exactly is there procedure and how is it supposed to make you look better?

Pardon my naivite on plastic surgery but don’t we need our backs to stay intact?

And how is that supposed to make you look more attractive?

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it is to shape a back, sounds ridicoulous to me, but i guess some people dont like the shape of their backs?

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I thought it was just lyposuction, only in your back instead of your tummy.

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basically, it just removes fat, from your ass all the way to your shoulders.

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That sounds completely alien. Has working out become passe?

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Having part of my body “scooped” out sounds disgusting. I’m not a cantaloupe.

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For people that become completely image obsessed, surgery is just a supplement to working out.

I used to know someone with a body similar to Montag’s and she would just lose it over the tiniest hints of cellulose on parts of her leg that she couldn’t figure out how to exercise away.

I’m sure there were just tiny little imperfections that Montag thought would be best removed through a quick surgery.

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Did she get rid of spencer yet? That will get rid of alot of dead weight.
he’s a pain in the ass

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