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World peace, is it merely a nice thought for you, or, do you feel it in your heart?

Asked by Coloma (47055points) April 6th, 2010

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“Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.”

Of course world peace is impossible, but we can try to get close or closer least hope for that.

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Until I see greed being replaced consistently with a genuine desire and effort to help others in spite of ones own needs, it’s just a nice idea.

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It’s a pipe-dream. A noble one, but a pipe-dream nonetheless.

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Nice thought but completely unrealistic. Humans were not meant for peace.

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I ask because last month I stood in front of the Taipei sports arena with a beautiful spiral banner of lights and a plea for world peace.

It was a moment of convergange, my heart FELT the sincerity.

Whether or not it is ever a possibility the feeling was overwheming.

Traveling in other countries and really being present with all the ‘others’ that inhabit this earth. Just really impacted me.

I am hoping to find that ‘others’ have perhaps had a similar moment of consciousness and their cynicism is not too turbulent to really feel the beauty of this.

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A lovely dream, but do not allow the dream to rule your reason. As long as there are others who want what you have, or want to control you in some way, you’ll always need men like me.

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No overly sentimental denials, but a moment of beautiful truth.

What if?

Like the Great wall coming down…I just think it would be so amazing to witness in ones lifetime.

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It is cynicism indeed. They like to call it realism but the truth is anything is possible for human kind, including world peace. People that say world peace will never be reality are make it so by the very act of not accepting it, they just reinforce the mindset. Some people think war is necessary for peace, but war only begets more war. The world needs peaceful mindsets, and rejection of conflict, knowing it never solves anything except a lust for greed with no real tangible benefits. The people that cause war and conflict don’t care for world peace, they want complete chaos and control.It may indeed require a struggle, but true peace can be accomplished, it is in human capacity to do so. I may sound unrealistic, or idealist, but in truth, all people have to do is believe

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Thanks…I cherish your reply.

An ‘army’ of one…thats the ticket.

Physician heal thyself!

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Wayyyy to many ultra nationalist feelings. And theres the whole Africa warlord thing going on. And North Korea.

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Yes…but thats not the point.

The point is from a place of basic humaity…that innocents always suffer at the hands of a few.

Not every Nazi German was in support of Hitler, not every Iraqi citizen is in support of their government…rebellion equals death to those that do not show loyalty.

My heart bleeds for the innocents not the opressors.

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I see it as a possibility for the future, when humanity has had enough time to achieve a more mature outlook in personal relations.

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I agree. One can hope.

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The implications truly frighten me. World peace is great and all, but how you get there is the issue… how do you do it without lobotomizing everyone, restricting individual freedoms, etc? Also, the idea of a one world global government really, really freaks me out, and should freak out anyone not naive enough to think that that much concentrated power could possibly always be a good thing.

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@Coloma I am a peace seeker as you are. There is so much greed and selfishness that would have to be stamped out.

I love being with people of peace, and that wonderful energy, and boy I would love to buy the world a coke in perfect harmony, but it will be a long road.

Terrorism. Keep the faith of that mustard seed.

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@Coloma “No. No overly sentimental denials, but a moment of beautiful truth. What if? Like the Great wall coming down…I just think it would be so amazing to witness in ones lifetime.”

Sounds like an epiphany to me. I agree that it would be amazing to see this happen. : )

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Humanity can get rid of wars completely while resolving conflicts peacefully. I expect this to happen in 2050.

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I’d rather be free in a violent world than a slave in a peaceful one

Forgot to add that to my last response.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Yeah I feel you I’m not down for the whole One World Government/ New World Order thing either.
a bit off topic, watch out for them RFID’s, aka verichips, once those are implemented, it only gets worse from there on out

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World peace will unfortuanatly never occur. There will always be bad hearted people.
But its always possible to feel it in your heart when everything or everyone in your
family are healthy and safe.

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