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What makes it so relaxing?

Asked by wundayatta (58596points) April 6th, 2010

We all have our ways of winding down. Some may drink. Some may work out. Some pursue a hobby. Some listen to music.

What is your preferred relaxation method? How and/or why does it relax you?

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A hot bath and a bowl of ice cream

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A glass of scotch, some good jazz, and a quality cigar out on the deck while the sun goes down is always nice. Same goes for curling up on the couch with someone special – does it every time.

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I like calling people names, driving newbies off Fluther, accusing people of being stupid, posting aggressive, cruel questions, showing off, pretending I’m an expert when I’m not, and getting away with shit because I have so much lurve that the mods and the Founders treat me like the exalted royalty that I am.

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Glass of red wine while listening to some mellow music sitting in my reef tank room and watching my fish….pretty much turns me into butter.

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i puff reefer illegally or drink a few beers legally. i prefer a few hits of some weed then listening to some music, but a good documentary helps too.
I feel the need to learn…..that helps me relax.

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I walk along the beach and listen to the waves, and then I take off my shoes and get my feet wet in the waves and feel the sand between my toes.

It keeps me grounded.

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It’s only hypothetically relaxing.

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@dpworkin You forgot the ~.
Some people will think you’re serious.

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I don’t use the tilde. I don’t find it relaxing.

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Playing with fire. It’s like the sun: it’s warm, dangerous, and if it explodes, it will doom us all.

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oh yes the beach is great no drugs needed. i sometimes sit by the shore and listen to the waves….a hit or two of acid is nice once in a blue moon or some shrooms on the beach is great therapy. problems can be confronted and conquered in a few hours
but i dont suggest that unless you have some people with you.

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I like a long walk, in the rain is a bonus, it helps me settle my thoughts and practice mindfulness.

Showers, baths, floating, or any sort of ‘immersed in water’ activity helps me when I am particularly keyed up, something about the extra sensory stimulation seems to physically sooth me.

I want access to your way of relaxing, @hawaii_jake!

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@filmfann if @dpworkin used the tilde people would start to invent new stories about the coming of End Times… or whatever. ~

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Baths, hot tub, something about water….Calgon take me away! lol

I’m in my hot tub sunrise and evenings. Bliss.

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@dpworkin you must be the most relaxed person on Fluther

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@YARNLADY You crack me up

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When it’s clear out at night, I’ll go outside and lay down on the grass and look at the stars.

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@VohuManah Yes….flameezzzzz….........& pain…......

And good music helps, too. And walking along the alleys at night. Writing poetry is also good.

Why are they relaxing? I have NO clue.

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Working on a craft – usually knitting or needlefelting – while listening to music or an audiobook.

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Shower, body rub with lotion, a movie and then making out. Works every time.

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I wish @Neizvestnaya and I’d love to walk on a beach nowhere near a beach, stupid lake beaches, iced over most of the year

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If you gave me a shower and body rub with or without lotion then I’d be too keyed-up to watch the movie properly, @Neizvestnaya. But I’ll try; maybe with some practice… lots and lots of practice… I could do it.

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I fluther, sometimes I read. Sometimes I inhale Salvia and fall down the rabbit hole.

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The most relaxing thing I can think of is having someone rub my back or head. I am not sure why it’s relaxing, it just always has been since I was a kid.

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The body rub has taken a lot of practice to get through without going all randy and grabby ;) I can’t rub my partner though until after the fun because he falls right asleep, especially if I make circular rubs on his hip when he lies on his side. Asleep like a baby.

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Aaaah….the memory foam beckons…..theres no place like a good bed, after a tubby!

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Er…. a bit of dope & music works for me.

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My kids ,sharing quality time.Why? Because they’re awesome, I tend to gravitate to awesomness, it’s a gift I know.

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Going for a walk or a swim. Both activities allow for me to not have to think about anything other than the peace and solitude each offers.

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A walk, a bath, a book.

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I work out,walk, listen to music, do artwork or wrestle alligators..It works every time.;)

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@Neizvestnaya… maybe he’s part shark. Where did I hear that rubbing them on the belly puts them into the equivalent of a hypnotic trance?

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running or cycling. perhaps because i give it my undivided attention. to me theyre both a rewarding distraction from whats shitting me

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